Oct 12, 2017

Rundle: Howard and Abbott are delusional, self-indulgent, climate-denying throwbacks

When you imagine the level of rage that Tony Abbott must be living with, the "climate change is good" speech makes perfect sense.

Guy Rundle — Correspondent-at-large

Guy Rundle


Don’t the Australian denialist right just love the Global Warming Policy Forum, the venue for Tony Abbott’s now notorious "climate change is good" speech. The private body, spun off from UK "charity" the Global Warming Policy Foundation, after the latter nearly lost its tax-deduction status, was founded by former UK Tory chancellor Nigel Lawson, whose discredited book on climate change has become a black bible for the denialists. John Howard spoke to the GWPF four years ago, and it was there that he revealed that he’d been lying about his beliefs about climate change while in politics. The Rodent had announced "significant measures" on climate change, in 2007, as the election loomed. In 2013, he "recanted":

“Mr Howard said his government proposed a carbon emissions trading scheme in 2006 in the face of a political 'perfect storm' on the issue.

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72 thoughts on “Rundle: Howard and Abbott are delusional, self-indulgent, climate-denying throwbacks

  1. lostcause

    I’ll wait with interest to see Tony’s revisionist picture of the relative harms of hot v cold environments when we are inevitably revisited by a bushfire season on the grand scale we experienced in Victoria a few years ago. California here we come with Abbott Mark 18!

  2. Saugoof

    Abbott’s only lasting legacy will be that he destroyed the achievements of better people than him and made the world a worse place in the process. I think it was Anthony Albanese who summed him up best, “No opportunity too big for him to show what a small man he is”.

    This devout Christian certainly has no scruples in committing the sin of consciously spreading lies. Small, small man…

  3. heavylambs

    Sums them up nicely…they are indeed prideful fucking liars.
    They have and had the enormous privilege of being at the centre of an executive information network built to help them with tough decisions…instead, they’ve run a mile [even to London] to avoid detailed information about climate, and the environment in toto. To avoid leading on a profound issue involving treading on donors toes and rejigging energy systems, using national powers that they know can be wielded successfully if only they show respect to others domain knowledge.
    Abbott could have had any number of briefings from the Chief Scientist, BOM, CSIRO…if he’d had any genuine curiosity about the sustainability of the economic model he thought he understood.
    His insecurity, techno-ignorance and fear of science, won out…he’d rather sound off like some idiot troll than attempt to manage a complex brief by deferring to domain expertise.
    We are all goats to be sacrificed to the volcano of his pride.

  4. Longfulan

    ‘They just don’t care. They would rather see the planet burn than admit that the green/environmental movement was right.’ Hear, hear! ‘They are just fucking liars.’ And they are spiteful bastards. I remember when Joh Bjelke-Petersen had a stand of particular trees cut down and the timber sold for a song, just to show those greenies. Spiteful bastards.

    1. gerald butler

      Calling them fucking liars and spiteful bastards vents a bit of pent up hatred.
      If only they could live long enough to see the people come after them and drag the truth out of them. They are evil!

  5. garydj

    Great article, Guy. You’ve really nailed Abbott and Howard.

  6. leon knight

    Look Guy, you wouldn’t wish cancer on anybody just so they could become enlightened – but for Howard and Abbott, you would certainly make the exception….here’s hoping and soon.

  7. Robert Smith

    The last paragraph sums it up pretty well.

  8. Awkward

    Climate deniers are standing on a pebble at the bottom of a hole, imagining their own immensity. Even the view to the top is a magnificent horizon. It is all very simple down there. Their one fixation is to oppose, to take a sense of themselves from the conflict. Not from the arguments won or lost, (theirs are unwinnable), but simply from the adrenaline, the butting up against, being a proof of self. The contest gives them a feeling of relevance, no matter how stupidly argued. But they are struggling and seem completely unaware of how badly they are doing. Their audience nods like toy dogs in a car rear window, and all are pleased. They are liars, perhaps, and also slightly mad.

    History will write of this division between those with no capacity for reflection and the rest of us. It really is the end of belief as certainty and the beginning of knowledge as certainty.

    And hooray for that.

  9. paddy

    Call them what they are.
    Nailed it!

  10. Roger Clifton

    Unfortunately, their complacency is well placed. These guys, the decision-makers, are typically in their 60s and will be safely dead before the shit really hits the fan. Then, if this accumulating CO2 stuff really does cause trouble, it will just be a problem For The Kiddies. In fact, we could write it on their tombstones, FTK!

    1. AR

      I used to have to deal with large groups of amerikan tourists on what they called “Spending the kids’ inheritance” world cruise tours.

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