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There is no reason to amplify Tony Abbott on any subject

Crikey readers on Obamacare and Tony Abbott

On Tony Abbott’s climate change views

Christopher Robinson writes: Re. “Tony Abbott’s 17 different core climate change beliefs

Tony Abbott is the most destructive and negative politician ever in Australia. Why do we continue to listen to him? Let’s just ignore him and tell him to go away or at least vote him out and stop giving him air time.

On Obamacare

Draco Houston writes: Re. “Rundle: seven years on, Obamacare proves a triumph of progressive politics”  

Your argument makes sense but the US political class does not. This half measure was worse for everyone than single payer. It is absurd that it was necessary at all. However, it is easy to turn any subsidiser within the Affordable Care Act cross-subsidy model into a fan of single payer, just link them our medicare levy. All this for 2% of taxable income, or you can opt out and go private. Combine this with the people that absolutely do not want to lose access to medical care and surely you’d have a lot of people that would support single payer.

Though that would be pointless if the US political class is going to be so damn weird about this. Widespread support or opposition of something in the electorate does not inevitably result in the same within their “representatives”.

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