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New South Wales

Oct 12, 2017

Labor says ‘yes’ to more guns and a party worse than One Nation

Don't ever think NSW Labor won't seize a political opportunity over principle any day of the week.

Bernard Keane — Politics Editor

Bernard Keane

Politics Editor

NSW Shooters and Fishers MP Robert Borsak

Remember this when Labor next piously talks about how it refuses to preference One Nation: it’s happy to preference an even worse bunch of nutjobs.

This morning, Fairfax revealed that New South Wales Labor was preferencing the Shooters Party, second behind the Greens, in the weekend byelections in the state seats of Cootamundra and Murray, which will essentially be contests between the Nationals and the Shooters.

To get an idea of how fringe the Shooters, led by proud elephant-killer Robert Borsak, are, this is the party Labor believes is more worthy of support than the Nationals:

Today, John Howard and Tim Fischer have released an open letter noting that “the Shooters’ first priority is to fundamentally weaken our existing firearms laws, introduced by the Howard-Fischer government after the Port Arthur tragedy” and urging a vote for the Nationals’ candidates.

Another alleged critic of the Shooters is, oddly, NSW Labor leader Luke Foley, who, in 2013, attacked the O’Farrell government for … having a deal with the Shooters Party. The latter displayed a “disturbing extremism”, Foley claimed.

Apparently not disturbing enough for NSW Labor to put aside crass politicking and support gun control.

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5 thoughts on “Labor says ‘yes’ to more guns and a party worse than One Nation

  1. Nudiefish

    Thank you Barnard. Your previous reports show you to be a committed animal supporter. Pity they don’t have more advocates such as you.

    As for the nitwits who think that shooting an animal is sport, they deserve the lowest reaches of hell.

  2. Mike Smith

    If you look at LNP[1] policies, I wouldn’t preference them ahead of the shooters party either.

    [1] Their pro-coal policy, for instance. Many of the shooter’s party policies are suspect, but I’d rather send a message to the National party…

  3. John Hall

    This is a shameful and politically cynical move by the State Labor Party.
    The only more shameful thing is that not enough voters use how to vote cards for toilet paper and think for themselves. I NEVER slavishly follow these pieces of rubbish.

  4. klewso

    There’s probably enough room under that elephant for NSW Labor to crawl?
    And good on ya Fissure and Honest John – it’s not like your party has made deals with them is it?

  5. AR

    Lest we forget, the little pony at the head of the NSW “ALP” opposed the greyhound ban for the basest of political wedges.
    For those expecting principle and/or honour in party politics, I have a couple of bridges to sell.

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