Oct 12, 2017

Hinch’s Senate Diary: it is a tragedy that Nick Xenophon is leaving the Senate

Less than less than 18 months after getting re-elected, Xenophon announces he’s going home. He’s quitting the Senate to go play in the South Australian state election next year as a small pond powerbroker/kingmaker/self-promoter.

Derryn Hinch — Senator

Derryn Hinch


If I were a voter in South Australia right now, I would be mightily pissed off. About 18 months ago, PM Malcolm Turnbull inflicted one of the longest federal election campaigns ever on this country with a double dissolution. Voters in all states were compelled to go to the polls and elect (or re-elect) 12 senators as well as MPs for the House of Reps. I loved it. Got me elected.

Two of those senators elected in South Australia were that true-blue Liberal Cory Bernardi and maverick Nick Xenophon. Both for six years.

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7 thoughts on “Hinch’s Senate Diary: it is a tragedy that Nick Xenophon is leaving the Senate

  1. lykurgus

    $20 says you’ll do the same thing, when you give up this fight against the attention vacuum (as all vanity candidates ultimately must).

  2. PaulM

    What does the businessman’s [sic] size have to do with his power bill? Methinks the experienced journalist is lacking the services of a good (or even second rate) sub editor.

    Also, perhaps you need to get out more if you have only just discovered the quality of Heathcote shiraz.

    1. Mike Smith

      The businessman’s industry is more likely to affect the size of his power bill. What does he do to burn thru 700k of power?

      As for Nick, he’s likely to have to leave the Senate if/when he’s found to be dual.

  3. John McNamara

    I thought you didn’t drink.

    1. lykurgus

      He didn’t understand what Claytons were advertising

  4. Marjorie Carless

    Just shows you the calibre of people entering politics these days. Cori Bernardi is now the boss of his own party and Xenophon has the chance, if state liberals have to form a coalition government, to be deputy premier. It’s not about the country it’s all about them.

  5. AR

    I, Me, Mine – another self advertisement from the H/H.
    How much longer will you treat subscribers with such contempt, Crikey, how much longer?

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