Oct 11, 2017

Tony Abbott’s 17 different core climate change beliefs

Keeping track of Tony Abbott's views on climate change can be a tough task. So we've assembled the most comprehensive list of climate positions since the days of Julius Caesar and Jesus of Nazareth.

Bernard Keane — Politics editor

Bernard Keane

Politics editor

A self-declared weathervane on climate change, Tony Abbott has held multiple positions on the subject in recent years. Confused about where he really stands? Crikey has you covered. Here’s the complete list:

1. Climate change exists (2011)

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34 thoughts on “Tony Abbott’s 17 different core climate change beliefs

  1. PaulM

    So much for the alleged intellectual rigour of a Jesuit education. I won’t even mention the Rhodes Scholarship.
    The man studied Arts and Economics, and wouldn’t recognise the scientific method if it bit him on the backside, and yet his every word on climate science is considered significant. In Shakespeare’s time, he would have been the comic relief (look up Macbeth Act II, Scene 3).

    1. Peter Wileman

      That qualifies him to suggest how much it would cost to paint your front door (all things being equal).

  2. Woopwoop

    This guy has jumped the shark.
    He’s doing a Latham.

  3. Itsarort

    Stop the press! Boyle’s and Charles’ Laws superseded by Abbott’s fLaws of the ever super-sillyous.

  4. Chris Gulland

    Who cares what Tony thinks, yesterdays man, yesterdays ideas. I wish he’d just go away and enjoy his retirement entitlements, there is a country to run, and too much time is given to the rambling thoughts of Mr Abbott.

  5. klewso

    ….. sometimes I wonder if he’s as surprised as we are at what comes out when he opens his mouth ….

  6. AR

    Soo, Abbottrocious is a lying, untrustworthy hypocritical fool.
    In other news, bears are catholic and the pope shits in the woods.

  7. William Morgan

    The elevation of such a moron as Tony Abbott to Prime Minister could only have happened with firstly John Howard’s patronage and secondly the enthusiastic support of Rupert Murdoch.

    1. zut alors

      Murdoch prefers his politicians to be dim as they are easier to manipulate &/or intimidate. He learnt this lesson early with the intellectual Gough Whitlam. Once Murdoch helped him into office he realised his mistake.

  8. Christopher Robinson

    The mans an idiot, the most destructive and negative politician ever in Australia. Why do we continue to listen to him? Let’s just ignore him and tell him to go away/vote him out and stop giving him air time.

    1. David Donaldson

      Media must be forced to use him in pursuit of fairness – a quality the man himself does not offer. Right-wingers being in general such poor media material, it just gets back to Tony every time.

  9. Marjorie Carless

    Perhaps he has multiple personalities!!!!

  10. David Donaldson

    A picture can give a thousand wrong impressions but that ABC journalist on the right does not seem too disinterested in her subject.

    1. zut alors

      She wears the expression of a child delighted to see the circus parade.

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