Oct 11, 2017

Tony Abbott’s 17 different core climate change beliefs

Keeping track of Tony Abbott's views on climate change can be a tough task. So we've assembled the most comprehensive list of climate positions since the days of Julius Caesar and Jesus of Nazareth.

Bernard Keane โ€” Politics editor

Bernard Keane

Politics editor

A self-declared weathervane on climate change, Tony Abbott has held multiple positions on the subject in recent years. Confused about where he really stands?ย Crikey has you covered. Here's the complete list:

1. Climate change exists (2011)

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34 thoughts on “Tony Abbott’s 17 different core climate change beliefs

  1. klewso

    From “The Abbott’s Climate Change Kama Suits Ya” :-
    Position 1 :- The Wether vain.
    Position 2 :- Grasping position.
    Position 3 :- Suspendered congess.
    Position 4 :- A Pair of thongs.
    Position 5 :- Splitting of the Party.
    Position 6 :- Loathe Us.
    Position 7 :- Congess of the Coal…….

  2. graybul

    Yawn!! The man has nothing to offer . . . the media’s responsibility is to stop resurrecting him.

    1. Kate Madgwick

      Yes, why is he relevant to public affairs? That isn’t a rhetorical question. Why does the news media report everything he says?

      1. BrianD

        Spot on, he is irrelevant other than being a spoiler in the Party. Stop giving him oxygen.

  3. old greybearded one

    I despair. My year 4 kids no CO2 has weight. In nearly fifty years of watching politics, I have never seen such a collection of F*wits in charge of the nation. I do wonder if Abbott is becoming unhinged, though I know he is a clown.

    1. old greybearded one

      Bugger, know CO2 of course.

      1. Bethany Challen

        We new what you meant…. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  4. zut alors

    Unless any of the above Abbott quotes were “carefully prepared, scripted remarks” they should not be taken as “gospel truth”. That’s how Abbott cautioned Kerry O’Brien on ABC’s 7.30 Report back in 2010.

    It’s nigh impossible for anybody in our sunburnt nation to assess which of Abbott’s increasingly bizarre reflections might fall into that category. Ergo Abbott is best ignored.

    1. Cat Dorey

      That’s brilliant. Even Tony agrees that nothing he says makes sense.

  5. Stuart Coyle

    So he’s self-contradictory, just like his favorite book.

    1. John Newton

      From the New Yorker, Clinton on Trump. Sound familiar? Thank Bilbo he has no power:

      Trump, Clinton went on, โ€œis immature, with poor impulse control; unqualified for the position that he holds; reactive, not proactive; not strategic, either at home or on the world stage. And I think he is unpredictable, which, at the end of the description one can give of him, makes him dangerous.

  6. Bethany Challen

    We new what you meant…. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  7. Venise Alstergren

    18. I didn’t know what day it was/night it was/planet it was-a bad thing.
    19. I didn’t know what day it was/night it was/planet it was-a good thing.
    20. Ya de yar, ya de yar, ya de yar. Echoing sobs as the restraints are wrapped around.

  8. Dog's Breakfast

    “Other countries make all these airy fairy promises that in the end never come to anything.โ€

    I know, Tony. Doesn’t it give you the shits when other nations, or even people, say one thing with no intention whatsoever of actually doing anything, or worse, go behind your back to make sure that what they said never happens.

    It shits me too Tony, I know how you feel, airy fairy bastards, all of them.

  9. John Hall

    The Hollow Man. If he has any core beliefs that have any verifiable facts to go with them I would be surprised. He and Malcolm Roberts are clearly soulmates. Alas I poor Tony I donโ€™t have a clue what may or may not going on in that thick skull – with apologies to Shakespeare!

    1. klewso

      Clearly “He and Malcolm Roberts are soulmates” would have been enough.

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