Today in Media Files, the Advertising Standards Board has ruled it too rude for a boy to describe YouFoodz ready meals as "un-forkin'-believable" in an ad, and an expert's report has found Ten's shares to be worthless.

Un-forkin'-believable. The Advertising Standards Board has upheld a complaint about an ad for ready meals where a child says he finds the meals "un-forkin'-believable", finding it used strong or offensive language. In the YouFoodz ad, the boy also says the meals take "two forking minutes" to prepare. YouFoodz responded to complaints by saying the script was light-hearted and that consumers needed a fork to consume the meals, but the board found that it sounded too close to "fucking": "In the board's view the way the young boy says the word 'forkin'' makes it sound very close to the strong swear word it is clearly imitating".