Oct 10, 2017

Ghost of Abbott haunts Clean Energy Target retreat

The government is banking on using energy policy to differentiate itself from Labor -- but Tony Abbott continues to complicate the issue.

Bernard Keane — Politics editor

Bernard Keane

Politics editor

While there's a compelling political logic to the government abandoning bipartisanship on energy for the chance to continue attacking Labor -- it badly needs something to shake up politics, given what seems to be a very sticky Labor polling lead -- the risks manifested themselves immediately yesterday: the energy industry and business immediately criticised the dumping of a Clean Energy Target, and the government had to deny that it was a cave-in driven by Tony Abbott.

Both are dangerous, but the latter rather more than the former.

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25 thoughts on “Ghost of Abbott haunts Clean Energy Target retreat

  1. Dog's Breakfast

    If it looks like a cave in to Abbott, smells like a cave in to Abbott, and walks like a cave-in to Abbott, it’s probably a cave in to Abbott.

    The most offensive part to that frightful speech that I have heard reported was his lines about ‘believing in climate change’ being akin to believing in old time superstitions (can’t recall the exact words, and afraid to look)

    He would know a fair bit about old timey superstitions though. What a putz.

  2. Graeski

    “What miserable drones and traitors have I nourished and brought up in my household, who let their lord be treated with such shameful contempt by a low-born cleric?”

  3. Mike M

    Yesterday’s man still searching for a purpose….he had better keep looking!

  4. mike westerman

    BK I’m not sure why voters, other than PHON, would favour LNP on energy. Almost 2M households have solar, and know it saves them money – I doubt they would then accept that solar makes electricity more expensive. The media has tried to drum up the need for coal for reliability and security: if Liddell fails over summer or, as in the SA blackout, gas gens fail to fire, running that line is shot thru. Turnbull has already barracked for the other side with his Snowy 2, so energy would seem to be one of those issues where going for bipartisanship allows him to focus on other more divisive issues, avoid backing a loser and gets business off his back.

    1. Kiki Dolo

      In a peculiar sense coal is more reliable. The boilers have to be kept hot – otherwise it takes 24 hours to get back online – thus coal generators find it more difficult than gas turbine operators when manipulating energy prices.

  5. Xoanon

    I despair that policies are entirely fashioned in order to create a point of difference with the Opposition. We have to find a way to unpick the takeover of our democracy by politician careerists, who have no interest in the nation’s good that can’t be trumped by political game-playing opportunities.

  6. klewso

    …. Was there ever an ’embodiment of Abbott’?

  7. klewso

    This Turnbull government has become so centred on his ego that it can’t seem to see anything else.

  8. mark hipgrave

    It must really irk Turnbull, savvy former businessman that he is, that he can’t just do what any CEO would do when faced with the same sort of insubordination that Abbott is dishing up: “You’re fired”
    Is there really such strong support for Abbott in Warringah that he is immune from dis-endorsement?
    Does Turnbull have no authority whatsoever in the party he ‘leads’?

    1. Hoojakafoopy

      Mal: Oh but didn’t you know the Liberal Party is a broad church, a broad church, a broad church, a broad church.. (snatching a glance at Tony) a broad church, a church..

  9. Bethany Challen

    Spectre is about right! Creepy man, creepier “policies”! Thanks Crikey now I’ll be having nightmares about the Ghost of Abbott past!

    1. klewso

      “The Ghost of Abbott Passed”?

  10. John Newton

    I thought Tony Abbott’s insane speech last night had to do with promoting Mental Health Day.

    1. Will

      Dare you to drop that line at your next Greens branch meeting!

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