Media Files

Oct 10, 2017

ABC blocked from covering Abbott … Bauer appeals record Rebel damages … Weinstein: who knew what? …

Bauer sets up to fight the landmark damages awarded to Rebel Wilson. And other media tidbits of the day.

Emily Watkins — Media reporter

Emily Watkins

Media reporter

Today in Media Files, the ABC and The Guardian were refused access to cover Tony Abbott's global warming speech in London, and advertising and editorial priorities collide in the same sex marriage debate.

ABC blocked from covering Abbott's London speech. The ABC and The Guardian were blocked from covering Tony Abbott's speech to the Global Warming Policy Forum in London, while The Australian was given an advance copy to report as an "exclusive" on its front page today. In the now widely-reported speech, Abbott said global warming was "probably doing good, or at least, more good than harm". The ABC's London bureau chief Lisa Millar told Crikey via email this morning that the team in London had been trying for weeks to obtain permission to film and have access to the speech, but they weren't successful. "We have made consistent and dedicated attempts since the speech was announced to get approval to cover it appropriately," she said.

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7 thoughts on “ABC blocked from covering Abbott … Bauer appeals record Rebel damages … Weinstein: who knew what? …

  1. cp

    Let’s hope tax payers don’t foot Abbotts bill for the trip.

  2. Deano647

    Not quite accurate to say that Matt and Rusty pressured Waxman to drop the story, what she actually said was that they contacted her to vouch for the character and work of Fabrizio Lombardo who had been sacked for alleged misconduct.

    “According to Waxman she was contacted “directly” by actors Damon and New Zealand-born Crowe “to vouch for Lombardo”; Waxman’s wording on that point is significant, as most media reporting on the allegations presume the actors called to vouch for Weinstein”

    As per this piece from Fairfax

  3. zut alors

    Abbott fears accurate coverage of his utterings would cause him to be hoist on his own petard back in Oz. Would he dare make the same speech here?

    1. John Newton

      I think both the Guardian and the ABC were lucky that they weren’t forced to sit through such a load of twaddle.

      Personally i thunk the media should ignore anything Abbott says. And while they’re at it Latham and Andreas Blot

  4. Jonathan Holmes

    Much as I value Glenn Dyer’s media reporting, and much as I too regret that the ABC abandoned state-based current affairs, it’s unfortunately not true to say that restoring it would cost “a pittance”. A “panel discussion/interview” program would not cut it at 7.30 on ABC1: to have any hope of rating decently you would need a fully-fledged current affairs show, with investigative pieces and reporting from the field around the state(s). And you would need to do that in 7 states and territories. It would be a big commitment, financially – massively more than Stan Grant’s discussion program on News24. It’s for reasons of cost that the ABC dropped the state-based Friday programs in the first place.

  5. Jonathan Holmes

    Make that 8 states and territories!

  6. AR

    If Abbott is being paid for this speech he cannot have entered the UK as an Australian on a standard 3m, no paid work visa.
    Does anyone know how to submit this question to UK Immigration control?
    It would a matter of half a dozen keystrokes to check.

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