Oct 5, 2017

Bonsai of the Vanities: sitting in stunned silence at Mark Latham’s book launch

It was a great audience: fewer than 100 people sandwiched into a small room at Sydney’s Intercontinental Hotel, overwhelmingly middle-aged, male and white.

Margot Saville — <em>Crikey</em> Sydney reporter

Margot Saville

Crikey Sydney reporter

Alan Jones can actually talk without breathing for over a minute. I know this because I timed him this morning, speaking at the launch of Mark Latham’s book Outsiders.

Jones, 76, talked for 35 minutes about the book’s contents: political correctness, the Human Rights Commission, Safe Schools, the ABC, Islam, radical feminism, free speech — a kind of roll-call of all the usual targets of the alt-lite. Anyone who’s read Andrew Bolt or watched any of the late-night chat shows on Sky News would know the script. Isn’t it time for them to find some new topics? What about speaking truth to power for a change, instead of continually punching down?

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70 thoughts on “Bonsai of the Vanities: sitting in stunned silence at Mark Latham’s book launch

  1. paddy

    ROTFL Gosh I enjoyed that Margot.
    So glad I won’t have to join the exclusive 100+ club and actually buy Latham’s book.

    1. Margot Saville

      Thank you!

  2. Venise Alstergren

    Good one Margot and funny too. I almost wish I had been going to buy Latham’s book just so I could have cancelled the order.

    More please

    1. Margot Saville

      Thank you!

  3. Xoanon

    Christ these people are tragic. Imagine having to invent a whole conspiracy against people of your gender/skin colour/whatever just to feel important and hard done by. They need to take up some hobbies or yoga or anything really.

    1. Margot Saville

      thank you!

      1. PaulM

        I think the remark was directed to a higher being than you Margot.

        1. Margot Saville

          You are right. Mustn’t read the comments after I’ve had a glass of wine…

  4. Itsarort

    Nice photo shot of the daily craploids spread across Latham’s coffee table. Is it any wonder that the philosophy filthed-out by these “intellectual pygmies” is nothing but circular and self-serving.
    And Jones really should stay away from topics that involve ‘genitals’.

    1. Margot Saville

      Totally agree with that…

  5. Chris McLoughlin

    The one with the large neck… Piers Ackerman surely?

    1. Margot Saville

      no, a younger one – bit of a ranga. Someone from the radio? This is like rugby – the only one I can recognize is John Eales!

      1. Michael Byrne

        Jason Morrison…

        1. Margot Saville

          You are right!

  6. Will

    Nice bollocking, MS. But Latham’s only the symptom. The disease he and his like are speaking to is the resurgence of tribalism in the West. The right blame it on political correctness, the result of the left’s hijacking by identity politics. The left blame resurgent tribalism on the right’s racialist populism, which they allege is the result of the right’s hijacking by identity politics. Both sides, sadly, are correct. Lampooning Latham & Co may be amusing, but on its own it’s just a cheap shot. If the right’s so obviously wrong, where the heck’s the advantage-stealing left? How isn’t a “borderless world of genderless individuals” – despite its source – not a serious question?

  7. Andrew McLaren

    Thank you, Margot, for enduring this, so the rest of us didn’t have to! Speaking as a middle-aged white male, I won’t be rushing out to buy Latham’s book.

    1. JQ

      Thanks for specifying your age, gender and skin colour, Andrew. It’s so much easier to determine the validity of your point knowing your group identity.

  8. Stephen

    PM is much more than a big neck.

  9. Mike M

    What an odd bunch of angry old men….wasting away their years on the longest whinge in history……the irony of their obsession with the technicalities of what they describe as ‘political correctness’ is clearly lost on them……Sad!

    1. Margot Saville

      Yes – I would recommend a hand of bridge and a cup of tea…

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