So The Block was on Nine last night, and Doctor Doctor, but who cares how they rated and that Nine won the night? The Seraglio beckoned again for Sophie. I think Ten should appoint Sophie Dowager Bachelorette in residence for 2018 and she can also be the matron in charge/Den Mother/Agony Aunt for next year’s herd of Bachelors. The Bachelorette this year is fun, almost a pantomime, compared to the po-faced seriousness of last year, the year before that and The Bachelor. The choice of convertible last night was an American TV production company’s idea of an automotive wet dream. She would look a lot cooler in a snappy Merc or Bimmer open top, especially with the Audrey Hepburn/Grace Kelly scarf look.

The Bachelorette though couldn’t save Ten’s Wrong Girl -- the Bachette had 1.04 million national viewers and The Wrong Girl, just 476,000. That’s another big thumbs down from the core audience. Seven’s Criminal Minds, its most popular US drama managed only 645,000 at 8.30pm last night. The second repeat ep at 9.30 pm averaged 526,000 -- dying.  The Block grabbed more than 1.9 million national viewers and Doctor Doctor, 1.20 million -- both new highs for a Wednesday night.