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Oct 5, 2017

Lateline axed by ABC … Murdoch security detail … Facebook’s transparency campaign …

The detail of Lachlan Murdoch's security, er, detail. And other media tidbits of the day.

Emily Watkins — Media reporter

Emily Watkins

Media reporter

Today in Media Files, ABC will cut Lateline in a restructure of its current affairs departments, and why does Lachlan Murdoch need personal security guards?

ABC axes LatelineThe ABC will cut its evening current affairs program Lateline under a major reshuffle of its current affairs offerings. The show, hosted by Emma Alberici, was cut back and moved from the main channel to the ABC News channel after budget cuts at the end of 2014. There will be a new late night news bulletin added to the rundown that will air on the main channel, and Stan Grant's Friday evening show The Link will also be cut. He will instead host a 9pm news discussion program on the ABC News Channel. He will also be chief Asia correspondent, and Alberici will be chief economics correspondent. There will be specialist investigative and specialist reporting teams established. Crikey understands there will be no net job losses but some redundancies -- News division staff will be able to express interest in redundancy until October 19. News director Gaven Morris said in a note to staff that axing the programs was not a reflection on the teams working on them. "Lateline has a proud 28-year history, and The Link has done wonderful, innovative work in a difficult timeslot," he said. "However, with audience habits changing, we can deploy these resources more effectively in other ways. Viewers would be as well-served as ever with daily and weekly television news and current affairs on ABC TV and on the ABC News Channel."

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5 thoughts on “Lateline axed by ABC … Murdoch security detail … Facebook’s transparency campaign …

  1. zut alors

    ABC News director Gaven Morris: “Viewers would be as well-served as ever with daily and weekly television news and current affairs on ABC TV and on the ABC News Channel.”

    That assuming we feel well-served currently….which I don’t. ABC Breakfast, in particular, is monotonously repetitive, restricted to a handful of the same stories every half-hour. And a good chunk of that half-hour is taken by sport.

    To be better informed it’s necessary to watch the morning line-up of European news bulletins on SBS. It’s a pity ABC Breakfast- or The Drum – isn’t axed instead of Lateline.

    1. Roberto

      Get the Krackl!n Kates to do Breakfast!

    2. klewso

      Breakfast seems to be put on to indulge the opinions and whimsies of the presenters…. as is The Dum, the leaning and rotation of it’s “experts” says it all. From chronic reruns of conservative councillors, to Limited News conservative commentator drones painted up as anything from “economists” to “foreign affairs” experts – all with the same anti-left bias.
      We can buy their broken record rags if you want that – why is our ABC doing commercials for their sort of opinion as news.
      Has Sue Boyce been sick?
      Forgetting Carnell’s political roots when she’s on – to invariably defend her Limited News Party?
      When will Overington be back after that judgement in the Rebel Wilson case, and after her assault on ?
      Jackie Kelly – with her history – defending her party?
      What great “civil” standard bearers?

      1. klewso

        (That Overington “unfinished bout” was vs George Newhouse of course)

  2. klewso

    Too much ABC current affairs/news is restricted by the interests (not least political) of the presenters (too often conservative reflecting the likes of Murdoch’s partisan abasement of the medium – as if that’s “the norm”? If we wanted those sort of spun views we’d subscribe to Limited News pap.) and the priority of the hierarchy not to upset a crook government – for fear of reprisals.
    Where opinion and subjectivity replaces facts and impartiality.
    The ignorance of some stories, while glossing over others, by “experts”?
    As for Alberici -> “chief economics correspondent”? She wanted to argue with Peter Mandelson on ‘Britain’s post-Brexit bargaining power with the EU’ on tonight’s revue – as if she knew more about the subject than him?

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