Oct 4, 2017

Mean Greens fighting machine: Lee Rhiannon faces preselection insurgency

If Lee Rhiannon is able to retain her spot on the Greens' Senate ticket, the result will be broadly interpreted as a severe rebuke of Richard Di Natale’s leadership and pave the way for an awkward federal campaign.

Max Chalmers

Freelance journalist

Depending on who you talk to in the New South Wales Greens, the upcoming federal preselection bout is either a tragic misunderstanding, a vainglorious last stand, or a battle for the party’s soul.

Among the various factions and rivals, however, one thing is agreed on: Senator Lee Rhiannon is in for a major fight.

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9 thoughts on “Mean Greens fighting machine: Lee Rhiannon faces preselection insurgency

  1. lykurgus

    You’re right about one thing Max – neutrality is impossible now. Those who want to forget the partys origins (the lock-on crowd, of whom Rihannon and Brown were among the last), and those who don’t. No common ground there.
    The former (the Right that everyone wants to pretend the Greens don’t have, but without whom a Dicky Natale wouldn’t be possible) may have a grand vision for the party, but that vision doesn’t include any plebs.
    The two main parties may not have addressed the presence of an irreconcilable Left and Right in their tents (so they just learned to live with it), but the Greens just denied (and still deny) it; and now their thirst for playing Arthur Daley to Labors Terry has left the cupboard bare.

    In short, I got no sympathy at all.

  2. Dog's Breakfast

    In trying to work out the motives of the players, I’d back self-interest every time.

    As a NSW’man, I’d argue that the Greens poor showing in NSW is directly linked to Lee Rhiannon, who does not come across as particularly likable and who seems to favour policies that are somewhere off in pixie land. My vote particularly counts for them because I am not a member of the greens or rusted on at all. I’ll only vote for them if their house is in order, otherwise it’s Labor or preferably an independent.

    It is time for her to go, generational change and all that.

    1. Hugh (Charlie) McColl

      Yeah, but Dog’s, if Lee wins a preselection ballot (because of strong support amongst the membership), doesn’t that signify that “their house is in order”? Personally, if I join a political party to ‘change it from the inside’ and I’m getting my way, isn’t that the kind of strength, the grassroots support, that parties need? Though not a NSW voter, I find Lee Rhiannon refreshingly honourable and consistent – much as Bob Brown was when he led the party. At the same time I have a lot of time for Di Natale. I don’t expect Greens to be clones (either of Bob or Lee), diversity is good in every party, particularly political diversity.

    2. old greybearded one

      Agreed. I see Rhiannon now as a strident critic who says little of use and less of logic. The greens I think lost significant votes in NSW because of her.

    3. Brucead

      Agree 100%.. and unless the NSW greens wakeup to themselves the whole will go the way of the Democrats by the of the next term

  3. AR

    DrK opined on the Iraq/Iran war “a pity they can’t both lose”.
    In this “easily avoidable predicament” I wish that they could both win.
    Favourite would be to cleanse the party of the Black W(r)iggler, replace him with Rhiannon, and Faruqi show what she can do.
    Alas, thus far she has proved to be a trimmer & tacker determined to take the party down the grey-green lane that destroyed the German Grunen by being an over eager applicant to join the big boys club.

  4. Andrew

    It is a tragedy that the Greens, the only party which seriously tries to limit and reverse global warming, cannot get over their internal disputes.

  5. Jack

    I like Lee for the leader and Mehreen as a senator. Adam Bandt as Dep.

    1. Brucead

      Obviously Jack has a great sense of humor.. or like every other minor Aust political party prefers poor principles to pragamatism

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