Oct 4, 2017

Australian governments influenced by Mafia, corruption expert warns

We should not pretend that Mafia-linked corruption is absent from Australian politics. Mandarin journalist David Donaldson reports.

Politicians meeting with organised crime figures is a sure sign that government has been impacted in some way, says an Italian corruption expert who has researched the Mafia in Australia.

“Whenever you see high level political proximity of certain underworld/upper-world mixtures, it already means the public sector has been touched somehow,” argues Dr Anna Sergi of the University of Essex.

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5 thoughts on “Australian governments influenced by Mafia, corruption expert warns

  1. brian crooks

    the liberal and national parties could perhaps teach the mafia a thing or two about corruption, years ago the mafia moved into the big corporations and business wash their dirty money, I wonder how much , if any, found its way into political party`s by way of corporate donations, might go a long way into explaining some of the decisions and legislation of recent years

  2. 124C4U

    No Shit, Sherlock!?
    A person would have to have been as blind as a welders dog not to see that.
    Slo news day at Crikey today?

  3. old greybearded one

    In NSW, corruption is the only logical reason for some decisions made by the government as far as I can see (that goes for Teflon Mike as well). I would not put it down to the mafia, they are a bit yesterday. Property developers, coal lobbyists and water thieves, but maybe racially reflecting more recent migrants. Think, ever increasingly, China. We could include our home grown ones like Packer as well.

  4. AR

    Given the already utterly corrupt nature of government decisions, state & federal, one wonders why anyone would bother.
    Over generously, many of us once thought that it was simple stupidity and incompetence but that was then, this is now.
    The future, if any, will be fun.
    For some. Are our lamp posts sturdy enough?

  5. klewso

    Behind Adani, developers and the coal barons : subversion of “governance for the majority”; governing for the benefit of vested/donor interests.
    …… What is “corruption” nowadays?

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