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Oct 3, 2017

Another year, another Murdoch family salary rip-off

When it comes to executive pay, how much is too much for the Murdoch family? Stephen Mayne and Glenn Dyer report.

Lachlan, Rupert and James Murdoch
Lachlan, Rupert and James Murdoch

As the Australian football grand finals beckoned late last week, the Murdoch-controlled 21st Century Fox released its 2016-17 proxy statement in the US. It’s more of the same with another hostile shareholder resolution aimed at dismantling the Murdoch family gerrymander through the dual-class share structure.

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One thought on “Another year, another Murdoch family salary rip-off

  1. brian larcom

    This is why you get rich, so you can do what you like. It’s Murdoch’s political influence you should be more concerned about. By the by, can someone tell me why people pay $189 a year to access Crikey? I know newspapers suck, but at least you get a crossword, some cartoons, quirky stories from around the world. All you get here is what you expect. And I just saw an ad here for something I searched for yesterday. I resent that sort of intrusion, You have to tolerate it for free content but I am not going to pay and get it on top.