Oct 2, 2017

Taking out the trash: the bad news released under the cloak of the grand finals

When better to bury news you might not want the public to know about than when there is a lot of football on?

Sally Whyte — Political reporter

Sally Whyte

Political reporter

Vice Admiral David Johnston

Grand final weekend isn't the time to make policy announcements that will set the national debate on its head. It is, however, the time to put out a press release you hope will get the briefest of mentions in the Saturday or Sunday papers -- but only after 16 pages of sport coverage at the front of the paper. So what was supposed to pass unnoticed this weekend?

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6 thoughts on “Taking out the trash: the bad news released under the cloak of the grand finals

  1. zut alors

    Mercifully, the two football grand finals have been played prior to ABC’s Four Corners report on the Adani company going to air tonight.

    Let’s hope Australia has recovered from the collective celebrations/hangovers to pay attention.

  2. James O'Neill

    “ADF admits civilian deaths in Iraq”. This is a faux admission. Australia is acting in concert with the Americans, providing technical guidance through the E7A and refuelling through the KS30 aircraft. Any civilian death caused by the Americans (and there are a lot) is also the responsibility of the ADF.
    Note also how the announcement completely avoided any mention of Syria where the ADF is also active and where large numbers of civilians are being killed by the s0-called “American led coalition”. That activity, apart from being completely illegal under international law (another point carefully ignored by our media) includes the use of white phosphorous, which when used on civilians (directly or indirectly) is contrary to a Convention that Australia has signed and ratified. It is a war crime.
    If journalists were even half way doing their job these and related issues would be in the public realm. And that includes you Crikey.

  3. Marilyn J Shepherd

    We have been bombing and killing off and on in Iraq since 1991, we have led sanctions which killed hundreds of thousands by starvation, AWB stole $300 million and not one criminal charge was ever laid over the 23,000 resulting deaths and the Australian media think an admission of killing 9 civilians is ”bad news”? We drowned 353 mostly Iraqis on Sievx to protect an AFP spy rather than save them.

  4. AR

    I do lurve a new military euphemism – “a single precision guided weapon, a low-collateral weapon.” – so sonorous, low collateral, is that what one puts up for a pay-day loan?

  5. r o

    Someone should tell the navy dude his camoflauge doesn’t work. He stands out like dogs balls.

  6. John Hall

    Our invasion of Iraq with the US has made us complicit in every death and the creation of ISIS. We are a country void of an independent Foreign Policy. We should be focused on our region and not slogging off to the Middle East quagmire. We are very ‘brave’ in our confrontation with Korea – can we bellow louder than A Trump et tu Abbott?

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