Peak Sport this weekend  -- the AFL Grand Final (3.52 million national) had more viewers than the NRL Grand Final (3.39 million) -- and by the way, Melbourne teams now hold the two major trophies for our winter football codes. The AFL had 2.68 million metro viewers on Saturday watching the Tigers win, the NRL had 2.33 million who watched Melbourne Storm’s victory last night. The NRL easily won the regional battle with 1.07 million viewers tuning in to 844,000 for the AFL Grand Final.

The AFL presentations saw a tune in for the second year in a row -- 3.69 million people watched nationally (2.80 million nationally and 893,000 in the regions). But that was a long, long way from 2016’s figures when the Western Bulldogs beat Sydney. Just going on the figures the Tigers do not pull viewers like the Bulldogs or Sydney did last year (4.09 million for the game and 4.11 million for the presentation) . Now we have no idea of the streaming figures from Telstra or the AFL for the game and how long they watched for.