The media hall of shame is now giving out same-sex marriage plebiscite showbags:

On the Monthly blog, Sean Kelly says that non LGBT people should stop making comments on the Yes case’s piss-poor strateg-, sorry, on the Yes case’s strategy. If the Yes vote loses, it won’t be anything to do with strategy, it will be because the nation still has vast reaches of homophobia. Really? How does that square with throwing away 60%+ support? If the Yes vote loses -- unlikely, but they could really Hillary this -- it will be because the Yes case favoured almost wholly a get-out-the-vote strategy, and had all but zero headline media, advocacy and direct explicit argument. It will be because the leadership encouraged the politically demobilising idea that the issue doesn’t have to be debated, and the argument won. "This is not a two-horse race," Kelly says. Well, that’s right. If you’ve got a finish line, a track and two horses named Yes and No, and one of them thinks it shouldn’t even have to race ... then it’s a one-horse race.