Sep 28, 2017

Tigers fans are boorish, ungracious bastards. (Oh, and carn the Tiges!)

Measuring your progress by the loathing you inspire may not be everyone’s idea of noble purpose, but it’s important to know, freelance writer David Ward.

Any flat-Earthers out there who doubt that corpses can slap their thighs and laugh like drunken hyenas should visit the graves of Jack Dyer, Graeme Richmond and other fabled enforcers from the Tiger pantheon before heading to the MCG on Saturday. Chances are, the founding hardmen would be highly amused at the prospect of the heirs to their ruthless lineage crowd-surfing to glory on a surge of popular goodwill. They’d probably feel more vindicated by the talkback outlier who called SEN radio a few weeks ago to register his dissenting sympathies.  

“If Richmond was playing ISIS in the Grand Final,” the caller told SEN host Kevin Bartlett, once considered the Tigers’ greatest living player, “I’d barrack for ISIS."

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10 thoughts on “Tigers fans are boorish, ungracious bastards. (Oh, and carn the Tiges!)

  1. mikeb

    “Captain Blood” was not named that for nothing. One extract from his memoirs stuck with me. Dyer was only a little bloke but was tough as nails. He had wanted to get one player for ages then saw his chance when the target was down in a pack. The unsuspecting opponent never saw it coming. I don’t respect Dyer for that but that’s how it was in those days. Compare it with all howling surrounding Cotchin’s fair bump last weekend. Cotch was not charged (and rightly so) but to listen to some you’d think he got away with murder. GO TIGES!

    1. graybul

      . . . . no; not murder. Just complete denial of rules applicable to above the shoulder attack on an opponent’s head. Which of course is covered by rule 101 i.e. “Grand Finals have no rules” other than . . . . MONEY – AND AFL RULES!

      1. mikeb

        It’s a pity for Tiger haters that no-one that matters agrees with you.

        1. graybul

          . . . . ouch! Your right of course Mike ” . . . that no-one that matters . . .” But, “Tiger haters” Nah, when this is all over for the season . . . you all, are going to need we all, impartial shoulders to cry upon . . . .

          1. mikeb

            Heh – maybe so. I’ll be crying either way with alcohol my only medicine [drink responsibly kids ;)]

  2. lykurgus

    And the f*ckin’ AFL telling the team to not wear the guernsey…

    Not five minutes after the siren, it’s “btw you’re not wearing the guernsey ‘cos we’ll get mean letters from every teen mum in Adelaide, and Gillon will lock himself in his room and sulk”
    I can see it now… a field with MORE F*CKIN’ CANARIES ON IT THAN A GLENROY CAR PARK!!

    F*ck you, Gillon! F*ck you with a broom!!

    But you know what – all those c**ts are secretly hoping we’ll win.
    They NEED us to win, and you know why…
    ‘cos their club songs are all SH*T, AND THEY KNOW IT!!

    1. Wayne Cusick

      Wearing a clash guernsey against a team whose guernsey does not clash.

      1. mikeb

        Jack said he’d play nude (he was joking!). It’s not an issue as IF we win I’m sure the traditional guernsey will appear.

        1. magnet

          Richmond has a unearned home ground advantage.Why worry about the colour of their jersey.Bet the Crows would happily play in pink if they could play the final in Adelaide.Typical AFL Victorian bias and its still not enough.

  3. Kerry Robson

    My Dad went to a game after he immigrated from Belfast. Richmond were loosing so he choose them as his team. My first memory of football was Kevin Bartlett kicking a goal in the 1980 premiership. As a kid I didn’t barrack for the Tigers. My Dad wanted me to pick my own team as he didn’t like how here, and back in Ireland, you might not have a choice. Who did I pick as a 7-8 year old? Fitzroy. I’m very good a footy tipping.
    The Tiges have survived so much and the fans banded together when everything was against them. Yes it will be crazy if they win or loose but I lived in Geelong between 1997 – 2013. I have seen Gary Ablett Sr’s pictures taken off shop walls in shame and euphoria when they broke the drought. And the arrogance afterwards…
    As you can tell I never followed the Lions to Brisbane but I am still good at tipping. Lets not think of the worst and know the best. Both Adelaide and Richmond are in the final. It’s so wonderful after Footscray. (yep I’m old school). If shit goes wrong in anyway, well that’s on the arseholes who think it’s their right, whatever team they go for. Richmond deserve this.

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