Western Australia

Sep 26, 2017

WA MPs told us how they spend their $80k electorate allowance

MPs in WA get an allowance of nearly $80,000 every year and don't have to declare what they do with a cent of it. Crikey asked around and even the people who answered didn't really tell us where the extra cash went.

Charlie Lewis — Journalist

Charlie Lewis



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One thought on “WA MPs told us how they spend their $80k electorate allowance

  1. Chilla Bulbeck

    I approve of politicians receiving an electoral allowance they can use at their discretion but I also believe that they should keep a record of how they spend it and publish the accounts on a public website.

    We should be able to trust our politicians to represent their electorate to the best of their ability. Our trust will increase if their accountability increases.

    I look forward to reading some more substantive replies from other than the GReens MLCs

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