Nine’s night -- owned it thanks to The Block. Seven struggled and Ten was crushed -- a main channel share on a Sunday night in prime time of just 7.8%. CBS can’t come too early.

Nine is guilty of oversell in the promos for last night’s 60 Minutes and the interview with Cassie Sainsbury. Surely there should be a law protecting the naive from themselves when confronted with the media. It wasn’t one of Liam Bartlett’s finest hours, or 60 Minutes, even though it rated well. Ratings click bait which added nothing to our understanding of the story except to confirm that Cassie Sainsbury is...a little confused. Her excuse about her phone (she can’t unlock it) is the same as "dog ate my homework". 60 Minutes averaged 1.45 million people; helped by having The Block -- 1.99 million -- as the lead-in.