Sep 22, 2017

Why the obsession over the AFL’s stance on marriage equality, when other sports have already said Yes?

Just about every sporting code in Australia has endorsed the Yes vote for marriage equality, so why is the AFL copping all the flak?

Sally Whyte — Political reporter

Sally Whyte

Political reporter

If you were to read today's headlines, the AFL has gone out on a limb to be the only sporting organisation to promote a Yes vote in the marriage equality postal survey.

The reaction from the AFL's community, politicians and the dregs on Facebook have been swift and harsh. But the truth is that while the AFL has been a leader on the issue of sexuality, through its Pride games, it is only one of many sporting bodies to back the Yes vote, and has, more than a week after its peers, have already made their stance clear.

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7 thoughts on “Why the obsession over the AFL’s stance on marriage equality, when other sports have already said Yes?

  1. SQuinny1

    “sport and politics shouldn’t mix”, lot’s of apartheid-era South African sportspeople agreed. Thankfully nobody listened, and nobody is listening to ML either.

    1. [email protected]

      It was people making a stance that ended apartheid, one of the most unjust policies of our time.

  2. Billy Blipkins

    It’s a different reaction, Sally, for the same reason that you wrote a gushing article about how good the AFLW was women’s sport, despite the fact that the W-League had been running for 10 years and the Rugby 7s Gold Medal was won by the Australian women in 2016.

  3. Dog's Breakfast

    Such crap, the ‘no’ side just bitching because organisations are expressing a point of view, while whinging about not being unable to say they want to vote no, while they are saying that they are voting no, and you should to because your Aunt Mabel will turn into a frog.

    “Our rights are being threatened by them entertaining the exact same rights I demand.” This is the heart of the no campaign, that somehow my rights will be infringed by allowing others to have the same rights I have.

  4. mikeb

    How exactly is the AFL (or anyone else) interfering with the plebiscite by advocating for SSM? I don’t vote based on what the AFL or Eric Abetz or ??? tells me. It’s not the Yes campaigns fault that there seems to be few high profile organisations (excluding religions) that are supporting a No vote.

  5. AR

    Perhaps it is something to do with those tight shorts, bare arms and … and… phew, gotta take a lie down.

  6. klewso

    It’s funny what a bastion of conservatism certain corners of the High Church of the AFL are.

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