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Sep 22, 2017

When Rod Bruem and his partner Phil Terry opted for a “tree change” in 2014, moving to the beautiful, sweeping river flats just outside the northern New South Wales town of Lismore, politics was never far from the front of Bruem’s mind. After the homophobic smear and innuendo he and Terry suffered at the hands of a few locals at a September 16 National Party preselection, it’s likely to remain there.

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7 thoughts on “Gay Nationals candidate pilloried for his sexuality at preselection meeting

  1. old greybearded one

    Rod Bruem was a newsreader on my local TV. I would have thought working for Andren and living in the Nats heartland he would have had a better idea of the scum that dwell within it. Once again the crookedness of government in NSW is highlighted.

  2. Dog's Breakfast

    Lismore is an interesting study due to changing demographics and increased urbanisation.

    The quicker we see the end of the National Party the better. They haven’t represented their constituents for many years, to a certain extent they represent Gina Rhinehart now. Why any farmer would vote for these coal seam gas promoters totally escapes me.

  3. Pedantic, Balwyn

    Apart from blatant homophobia the Nationals can add blatant ineptness in checking their eligibility to enter Parliament to their credentials, as well as their blatant, parochial willingness to condone the theft of water from the Murray by their donors. As already commented they are an utter disgrace and the sooner they go the better.

  4. tinman_au

    Guess the best thing he ever did was ditch the Nationals. Shame more Aussies don’t realise it…

  5. klewso

    Too much of a hurry to get into parliament to get their hands on those bails of cash, to hand-feed their mates.

  6. MAC TEZ

    “Is it any wonder our representatives end up being [former] staffers” ..said the [former] staffer.

    1. john tingey

      I saw that as well , but i think his point is that often people go straight from being a political staffer to a candidate, and don’t have much experience of anything else, which he obviously does.