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Sep 21, 2017

Rundle: Fed Square’s censorship of Adani protesters is bad news for Vic Labor

The management of Federation Square's decision to censor a political rally held by the "Stop Adani" movement will hurt Labor in Victoria.

Guy Rundle — Correspondent-at-large

Guy Rundle


Federation Square in Melbourne was sparkling new, 20 years ago; its deconstructive crap-clad style has dated so badly that it may now require a heritage listing. City Square — a genuine public space — was destroyed by the Kennett government, and Fed Square put up instead, a warren of restaurants, bars and cafes. The political intent was obvious: to deprive Melburnians of a central place to hold large political and social movement rallies.


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8 thoughts on “Rundle: Fed Square’s censorship of Adani protesters is bad news for Vic Labor

  1. Amathar

    “It might avoid the regrettable influence …”
    Did you mean ‘regrettable inference’?

    1. lykurgus

      An inference that, up to now, only Guy himself was making.

  2. klewso

    Adani : “We’ll have ’em both.”

  3. DF

    Cameron Milner would be, according to the Game of Mates, the quintessential Mate. p.176 Queensland Gas Industry

  4. Amark

    Fed Square opened in 2002 making it 15 years old this year (next month I believe)

  5. Gorkay King

    I don’t know about that. These things don’t just happen in a vacuum. Vic government introducing Victorian Renewable Energy target, a major donations reform, voluntary euthanasia bill just this week alone. All of these are progressive policies Green voters would also support. To suggest that Adani mine in Queensland will be critical in by-election is a bit of a stretch imo.

    If Greens win the by-election it will be because of demographic change within the seat not because QLD government’s support for Adani mine.

  6. Graham R

    Only possible due to the continuing privatisation of public space in our cities.

  7. AR

    That is one of the straightest bits of investigative reportage I’ve seen from grundle, scarce an adjective or adverb of the usual pyrotechnic type.
    It does not bode well for the future that bumBoil Shlernt & Labor are so inextricably linked to the BigAr$ed end of town that few expect much change should he slither into office.