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Sep 20, 2017

ABC banned … sarcasm writ large … Fox’s legal woes …

The ABC is given the cold shoulder on the Gold Coast, and Fox News faces even more legal strife.

Emily Watkins — Media reporter

Emily Watkins

Media reporter

Today in Media Files, the ABC has been cut out of a press conference in response to Monday night’s Four Corners program, and Herald Sun columnist Luke Dennehy is leaving the paper.

ABC cut out over Four Corners investigation. The ABC has been cut out of a press conference with Gold Coast Mayor Tom Tate after the Four Corners program on Monday night investigated political donations to councillors in the city. A press conference was scheduled for the foyer of the council offices, but was moved upstairs to Tate’s office, where all cameras except the ABC’s were allowed. The ABC reports that Tate said the public broadcaster wasn’t allowed in because he was considering legal action over the program.

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4 thoughts on “ABC banned … sarcasm writ large … Fox’s legal woes …

  1. klewso

    “Confess to a conflict of interest and vote anyway”? WTF?
    “Piggy” Tate and “Donor (A conflict of interest only exists in the mind)” Gates – who’d know we’d had a Fitzgerald Inquiry?
    But it’s “legal” (unlike in other “give a shit” states with an eye to probity) – so they do this?
    But what is this half-arsed Labor government going to do about that -that should have been done years ago – but wasn’t because “those same each-way betting donors are ‘sharing the $love’ to keep in sweet with both sides(?)”?
    Wait ’til after the next election (’til after they get a report into the bleeding obvious?) to promise to do “something”? …. When it might be too late and it will be up to a Limited News Party/PHON coalition to do something – another wasted opportunity?

  2. zut alors

    The ABC being excluded but other journalists being welcome to attend Tate’s press conference demonstrates how innocuous the mayor perceives those other media organisations to be. Clearly, he has no concerns of what they may report…. or under-report.

    As usual, the ABC can be relied upon to be fearless in the public interest having garnered the facts. I watched Four Corners closely, the report appeared well researched and fact-based. Tate won’t sue, betcha.

    1. klewso

      Just a “Moonlight State of mind”?
      Eventually the Curry or Maul might send out a “Dispensable Dickie”, just in case – to be there if it blows up – again?
      …. If it doesn’t then “They were expendable”?
      And what does it tell you about the sort of “journalists” who abandoned the ABC, to attend “Piggy’s Court”?
      Screw any “dedicated to true news” rhetoric : it’s deja vu all over again?
      ….. I’m waiting for Luke Smith’s deals to be flushed into the sunlight?

  3. Hugh (Charlie) McColl

    I wait for the day when the gathered journalists and camera handlers/ photographers tell the PR flack – “it’s all or none”. In other words, if the deadshit mayor or whoever it is says I don’t want to see them (ABC for example) – then all of them should piss off.

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