Sep 19, 2017

What the new CBS deal with Ten deal means for Lachlan Murdoch

As CBS moves on Ten with a bigger, shinier offer, some hard questions for Lachlan Murdoch, write Stephen Mayne and Glenn Dyer.

CBS is steadily moving closer to winning control of the Ten Network and regardless of the huffing and puffing from the Murdochs and 88-year-old Bruce Gordon, the focus should be shifting to the woeful performance of Lachlan Murdoch in this affair. 

The US media giant cleverly upped its offer to unsecured creditors by $8 million this morning, ensuring they approved its bid and removing any doubt as to whether it is the superior arrangement.

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8 thoughts on “What the new CBS deal with Ten deal means for Lachlan Murdoch

  1. zut alors

    Rupert Murdoch continues to be haunted by the ugly truth: no amount of money will ensure bright offspring.

    1. Barbara Haan

      You might consider Rupert bright Zut Alors. I consider him to be a man with no morals and find nothing to celebrate in his rise to power in the media world.

  2. Venise Alstergren

    This last hurrah of Lachlan Murdoch seems to have become commonplace. Surely his family haven’t left him free to play ‘up the ante’ all the time. Murdoch senior has had a brace of children from which to choose a sibling with some intelligence. Surely one of them has what it takes?

    1. Barbara Haan

      Not one of Rupie’s kiddies has what it takes. In no particular order, James failed in the UK and had to be rushed back to the US in an attempt to rehabilitate his reputation, Lachie failed here. I celebrate schadenfreude watching Bruce Gordon and Lachlan failing in their attempt to take over Channel 10. Elisabeth is a society girl who has married multiple times and enjoys an extravagant lifestyle in the Cotswolds. Prudence hasn’t lived up to family expectations. Wendi Deng’s 2 kiddywinks have been largely cut out of Murdoch’s empire: the oldest siblings don’t want to share. Jerry and Rupe are past reproducing. So there you have it.

    2. Bill Hilliger

      And now it will turn political. I can imagine all kind of LNP/Murdoch debts being called in to try and stiff CBS on one pretext or another even at this late stage.

      1. AR

        For certain – and they have enough markers from both T1 & T2 to succeed.

  3. Graeski

    I have Netflix, Crikey, Aunty and The Conversation – plus YouTube if I have any time in my day left over from the first four. Meanwhile, legacy commercial media (in particular, the Murdoch empire) are the greatest threats in the world to freedom, democracy and egalitarianism. The sooner they are no more, the better, as far as I’m concerned.

  4. Barnes Graham

    Poor ickle Lachie-wockie! Diddums losums another channel-wannel for Daddy -waddy?

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