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Sep 14, 2017

Razer: Clinton’s book proves she is a compassionate, deeply delusional person

Hillary Clinton is loving and honest. But she is also a profoundly shortsighted elitist living in a fantasy world.

Helen Razer — Writer and broadcaster

Helen Razer

Writer and broadcaster

Bill and Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton’s best-selling What Happened is alleged to be the inside account of losing the unloseable election. This book, released two days ago, might have provided valuable insights not only to future students of political history, but a divided Democratic Party of the present. In fact, the author declares these as her intentions.

Within these 500 pages, and between some, frankly, riveting passages on the minutiae of campaign life (debate prep with an aide accessorised and trained to speak exactly like Trump, workout routines, morning devotionals, FaceTime with much-loved grandkids) there was surely scope to provide good interpretation of a landmark loss to a general audience, a scholarly audience and those within the party.

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17 thoughts on “Razer: Clinton’s book proves she is a compassionate, deeply delusional person

  1. lykurgus

    Why “What Happened”? Was “It’s Everybody Elses Fault! Especially Bernie!” taken? Or would it leave inadequate room for having the authors name in bold font (seriously – it got more sqm than the title)?
    I don’t know about it conveying a Clintonian voice (she’s no Clenis) – the audio reminded me of asking Cortana to read to me, “but don’t make it too engaging”.

    And de Tocqueville didn’t say that thing that she thinks he said. Or any of the things that most Americans think he said.
    But he did say this…
    ‘I doubt if one could extract from Americans the smallest truth unfavourable to their country. Most of them boast about it without discrimination, and with an impertinence disagreeable to strangers… Generally speaking there is a lot of small-town pettiness in their makeup… We have not yet met a really outstanding man.’
    Because his observations about America weren’t a celebration; they were a (heartily dismissed) warning.

    And speaking of a profound failure of self-awareness… does anyone else remember what she said about the servants at the Governors mansion in Arkansas? It uses inmates (mostly black of course) as indentured labour… she recalled (in a biog written in 1996) feeling apprehensive at being surrounded by black prisoners, but “agreed to abide by the tradition”.

    1. Helen Razer

      But those certain Americans. They are blessed with the ability to not know a critique even if it burrows into their back-end.
      Also, he did kind of say that it was a nicer place than Europe.

  2. Jude

    Thank you Helen for your insight about Hillary Clinton’s book. I remember last year discussing with a friend all the ways in which the USA met the criteria of being a failed state and this book completes some of the missing pieces. Unfortunately, I think Australia is heading in the same direction especially after the passage of significant legislation this week.

  3. Graham R

    Did she really use that phrase about Bernie offering America a “pony?” Condescending cow. What Bernie actually offered was to abattoir the racehorses of the rich and turn them into burgers for America’s teeming poor – not quite the same thing at all.

    What she attempts, in this book, is to deflect from an overwhelmingly humiliating truth about herself: she failed to win against quite possibly the very worst human being in America. Hillary was so indigestible to so many that they even voted for Trump rather than for her. She can never live this down. It is stuck in her craw for the rest of her life.

    1. Helen Razer

      She does say that. And worse. She compares him to an infomercial simpleton.

  4. Trelevn

    Hillary has firmly established that, whatever the question, she isn’t the answer.

  5. klewso

    Don’t you love the smell of burning martyr the morning after?

  6. AR

    MzRaz is being wildly over generous – “she comes across as either profoundly deluded or profoundly dishonest.” – to let her off with the former.
    I would say both, with hubris, arrogance and entitlement as garnishes.
    When even your own team can’t come up with a better slogan than “my turn” it is the very depths of cupidity & disdain for fellow humans to plunge on regardless.
    When Drump hove into view early last year it seemed that he would destroy the repugs by winning the nomination and burning it down in ignominious defeat – he may still do so – but even he was preferable to la Klingon.
    Imagine how the sabres would be rattling now, after Damascus had been reduced to smoking ruins by her determination that Assad must be deposed, and she was preparing to deal with Iran – another declared target for obliteration by the Eternal War party – and the Human Haircut.
    She won more votes than any white man in Presidential history but we should all give a big thanks to the pig ignorant, red necks who rejected her, the worst possible candidate. Ever.

    1. helen johnson

      I recommend ‘Shattered: Inside Hillary Clinton’s Doomed Campaign’ by Jonathan Allen and Amie Parnes as an alternative account of the same period.

  7. James O'Neill

    I agree with AR and would only add that you are too kind to HRC because you do not discuss her appalling views on foreign policy. If she had been elected and able to carry out her professed policies we would by now be engaged in multiple more wars, including Iran and Russia. She is a dangerous lunatic so wrapped in the belief of an “exceptional” America exempt from the constraints of international law that the world is a safer place without her finger on the proverbial button.
    You could also have noted the way the Democratic Party rigged the primaries in such a way as to ensure that Sanders never had a real hope of the nomination .
    Is is not a telling commentary on the modern US that the voters were left with a choice between Trump and Clinton.

  8. Michelle Stokes

    It’s rare that Her Razer Majesty is derided by her acolytes as being “too kind”. This review struck a chord with me, even though like most other commenters (clearly) I haven’t read the book. Expecting someone like Hillary (or Bernie) to actually UNDERSTAND the plight and feelings of the heaving masses is unrealistic. The best you can hope for is that they attempt to accommodate for their limitations. I think Hillary probably does that as well as anyone.
    The reality is that America has a large chunk of right wing conservative voters. They voted for Trump. They won’t vote for a socialist upheaval while they are manipulated by capitalist media. Neither will the centrists. Hence you will get, at best, a centrist government and leader. Bernie and his ilk can not win, even if they get a large chunk of support. There is too much stacked against them. In many ways, Bernie did offer them a pony. With no stable.

    1. Dog's Breakfast

      Hard to defend that Michelle, or argue against it. Your entire argument rests on Bernie not being able to win, which is rather heroic considering that Trump got in on the back of the rust belt states that Bernie was playing to, and the ‘offering them a pony line’, which is rank bullshit fed by the Clinton machine to denigrate anyone who wasn’t going to be a puppet for Wall St.

      I can’t see how you decided that Bernie couldn’t understand the plight of the heaving masses when his policies and rhetoric spoke directly to their experience, but I clearly see Clinton as being unable to reach down that far. She has all the ambition of her husband, without the homey language and capacity to connect, an insiders insider was always going to have a lot of work to do to convince the populace that she was an outsider.

  9. Dog's Breakfast

    “She fesses up to her small, then common, mistake of staying within the law by holding her unclassified emails privately.”

    I can’t buy that Helen. Any employee who uses personal email in pursuing work business, at even a junior level, is way out of line. To be Secretary of State and doing that is way beyond the pale, and almost certainly done with an eye to keeping emails out of the system so that they can’t be used against her. I don’t buy that it was either small, or common. I don’t know anyone in business who does that.

    As for her delusion, I don’t think there is much doubt about it, but I’m not sure her motives were at all pure, in spite of the fact that I’m sure she has convinced herself they were. The spite towards Sanders was pure backstabbing and politicking, and your review shows that she hasn’t learned a damned thing.

    In spite of Trump’s victory and clear incompetence, I see him as a progression from where we would be in Clinton won, in that there isn’t someone at the top propping up a corrupt system effectively while telling the people that she is there for them. Just one more step along the road to revolution, of a Sanders type, I hope.

  10. SQuinny1

    “It is in these young graduates, who are able to pay upwards of $40,000 in tuition each year, she sees hope.” and that Raze, is exactly the problem.

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