Sep 14, 2017

Not so funny anymore: Cash appointed Hadgkiss knowing of his behaviour

We now know that Michaelia Cash appointed Nigel Hadgkiss to head the ABCC even though she knew he had broken the law.

Bernard Keane — Politics editor

Bernard Keane

Politics editor

In October 2016, the re-elected Turnbull government ramped up its efforts to pass the Building and Construction Industry (Improving Productivity) Bill 2013, which would re-establish the Australian Building and Construction Commission. The bill would be passed, in a gutted form, on November 30, and the new body would commence on December 2, 2016.

Employment Minister Michaelia Cash was the portfolio minister and, along with the Prime Minister, the face of the government's push to, as it endlessly insisted, restore the "rule of law" to the construction industry.

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20 thoughts on “Not so funny anymore: Cash appointed Hadgkiss knowing of his behaviour

  1. leon knight

    Roll on justice for Cash, an ignominious resignation would be just delicious.

    1. MJM

      It would be just too delicious if both Cash and Nash have to go from the ministry.

  2. shea mcduff

    “Cash is now trying to justify herself by saying they were only allegations against Hadgkiss”
    In the YouTube video of Cameron grilling Hadgkiss over ‘1000 crimes [sic] committed by unionists at building sites’ Cash claims that Cameron describing those accusations as more properly and accurately ‘allegations’ is mere ‘semantics”.
    She does not believe her own defence.
    She must resign/be sacked.

  3. pinkocommierat

    Michaelia and her adenoids will NOT leave the building. She will be ordered to tough it out rather than take Westminster-style responsibility. Accountability means nothing to this lot.

  4. CML

    This is outrageous from that half-wit, Cashless. She should resign immediately. Isn’t she a lawyer?
    If this is the expertise of a member of the law profession in this country…doG help us. I thought ‘Bookshelves’ Brandis’ antics were bad enough, but this is a step too far for anyone to endure!!

    1. Dog's Breakfast

      Didn’t know she was a lawyer CML, perhaps she is.

      If so, it provides further evidence to my theory that intelligence is no longer a requirement to enter the law fraternity. Not sure that it ever was actually, more likely a law degree is a reflection of your capacity to wade through copious amounts of bullshit.

  5. Jack Robertson

    Her position is untenable. You’d imagine the CFMEU will take legal action against the department for this appointment, which surely must have breached the basic statutory requirements of the position.

    1. Susan Anderson

      Oh my Lord I hope so, if these peices of human detritus wont resign as per the conventions of the Westminster tradition then I hope that the Judiciary can blast them out, that would be wonderful…..and fine the living shite out of them too

  6. Paul Munro

    The predicament in which Nigel Hadgkiss has placed himself and his responsible Ministerial patrons underlines the dangers of appointing zealots to public offices that demand faithful and balanced service to the legislative regime being administered. It seems from the statement of agreed facts that Mr Hadgkiss declined to amend agency advice about a relevant legislative prescription in force, in the belief or hope that that version of the prescription would be repealed on change of government. For a Commonwealth officer that would seem to add up to pretty bold denialism of an aspect of the statute he was charged to administer. No wonder he has now fallen on his sword and resigned. Should it be accepted that resignation to the applause of his Ministerial sponsors is a suitable reward for misplaced zealotry of the kind. If the boot were on the other foot, would Mr Hadgkiss’ prosecuting zeal have been attracted to exploring why a provision such as 142.2 of the Commonwealth Criminal Code1995 does not apply to the conduct of the kind alleged by a Commonwealth officer? That provision is about “Abuse of public office”. It creates an offence punishable by up to 5 years imprisonment if a Commonwealth public official exercises any influence, or engages in any conduct as public official with the intention of dishonestly obtaining benefit for himself or another person, or dishonestly causing a detriment to another person.
    I know that I am not alone among former public servants and public officials who place a high value on scrupulous regard to a high standard of probity in administering the legislative regime for which they were responsible. Sadly those values are increasingly depreciated by the political elites in the pursuit of ideological objectives and managing with less policies. Is it too late to hope that it may yet be salutary for warning to be given that zealots who chose to live by the sword in selective enforcement of of a legislative regime might selected to die by the sword rather than by their own hand.

    1. Dog's Breakfast

      Couldn’t agree more Paul. You sound like you could be a lawyer, in which case, I hope you don’t mind that crack about lawyers (see above).

      As a former public servant, one of the psychic benefits of the job is the fact that you can be apolitical, you can give advice freely. That has long been lost now, I suspect.

  7. bushby jane

    Isn’t it amazing that when a cfmeu official ‘fails to recollect’, it is deemed to be ‘an admission of deliberate obstruction’, but when this failure to recollect affects Arthur Sinodinos it is excused as such.
    Same dept, same dodgy behaviour.

  8. AR

    If her resignation is not a matter of ….tick, tock, tick, tock, why not?

  9. klewso

    Breathtaking arrogance and hypocrisy – even for a lawyer – even for Cash -but not out of place within this government…..

  10. klewso

    I read this and think of that feckless clown Dillbo Billson : paid as a lobbyist while a member of parliament?

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