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Tips and rumours

Sep 14, 2017

Tips and rumours

We found the apocryphal anti-marriage equality baker ... what is in Bolt's hands? ... surveys lost in the post ...

From the Crikey grapevine, the latest tips and rumours …

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14 thoughts on “Tips and rumours

  1. Lee Tinson

    More like a drumstick, I reckon.

  2. Robert Smith

    The word was that the SSM opinion survey forms would be sent out to remote areas first because it takes longer to deliver the mail there but our forms arrived in our Sydney suburb yesterday.

  3. leon knight

    I think the Bolter might be day-dreaming about holding his friend’s penis…

    1. Paul Guy


  4. John Newton

    He’s showing his wedding ring. He married Alan Jones in the US

    1. AR

      If so that would be bigamy as the Caterwauling Catamite is already married to Dame David Flint.

  5. r o

    Using his off screen hand he’s trying out the GR “self-regulating maximal efficiency extended prostate examination”. The on-camera hand is heading to cover his satisfying smile.

  6. CML

    @ Respectful debate…hopefully, one $12,600 fine coming up for that mob when the authorities find out who they are.
    Ditto for the stupid cake makers!
    What a load of nonsense!!

  7. Interrobanging On

    Andrew Blot has to be worried about the *red* commo colour. Just look at the Crikey nameplate and we all know that Crikey is a hotbed of communist subversion.
    Sorry, it might just be my febrile mind scrambled after a political week even more farcically ridiculous and tragic than usual (thanks, Malcolm), but in my mind that hand has to be animated up and down…with the Blot saying ‘I am a w*nker’.

  8. bushby jane

    He’s just copying Malcy.
    When we were married in 1970, the minister made us attend church four times before he would marry us. Probably not quite right but we did it.

  9. Graham R

    Oh for heaven’s sake – you mean the Turnbull Government can’t even address a letter competently?

    And as for bolt well, clearly, he is holding up the SSM survey envelope to lick, and lick, and lick…OK Andrew, you can stop now… ANDREW.

  10. klewso

    Shhhh that’s Smèagol and “we can’t see him” …..