Sep 13, 2017

Rundle: venceremos, comrade! Turnbull goes to war against capitalism.

In attempting to keep Liddell going, Turnbull’s government has gone to war against every single principle of capitalism and the free-market.

Guy Rundle — Correspondent-at-large

Guy Rundle


Communique from El Presidente Turnbull

El Presidente gives "field guidance" at Mal Colston Memorial (formerly Liddell) Power Station!

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26 thoughts on “Rundle: venceremos, comrade! Turnbull goes to war against capitalism.

  1. bjb

    Bravo Guy – great article.
    I’m surprised the Minerals Council / Murdoch press etc isn’t yelling “Sovereign Risk” from the rooftops. Who’d want to invest in Oz when the Government wants to micro-manage your business ?

  2. Tabot Retemt

    Who has figured out how to run a grid with 70% of the daytime power coming from household rooftops?

  3. Richard Wylie

    Nailed it Guy, well done.

  4. lykurgus

    Venceremos? May I instead propose a verbatim reprint of the lyrics for “Puto”?
    And I don’t mean the Filipino rice cake, I mean these nacos.

  5. graybul

    “The Napoleon of Bellevue Hill” . . . . Nothing more need be said.

    1. AR

      It was the Winter that defeated his assault on the Capitol.
      Meanwhile, even Capital is getting worried, which suits me just fine.

  6. Lord Muck

    A small investor who I know (very well) dumped his wind farm shares primarily due to the uncertainty these liars have created. I (whoops, he) could have done a lot better on the investment if these liars had not been continually meddling. What use is a PM – or any other pollie for that matter – who is not a man of his word? No use at all, I say.

  7. Paul

    I’m not sure what else people expect from a person who says everything and believes in nothing, who changes character more often than Imelda Marcos changed shoes.

    The great thing about Crikey is that you place responsibility where it lies, in this case Turnbull, well in most cases Turnbull.

    The Guardian etc blame “The Government” and rarely write that Turnbull is the leader and, as such, should be held accountable. With the others it is always someone else but never Turnbull.

    It would be nice to have as your masthead the Corbyn cry of “for the many, not the few”, that idea has been lost in Australian politics over the past 4 years.

    1. Duncan Gilbey

      The cry of “for the many, not the few” has been lost to Australian politics since John Howard (non core) promised to govern “for all of us”.

    2. Bob Weis

      You don’t have it exactly right. Malcolm has a deep and during love and respect for himself. And what he believes is what Lucy confirms to him, that they own the world that they live in and please don’t argue.

  8. Jack Robertson

    Poor Malcolm. Real capitalism has caught up with him at last. Where-oh-where is Bernie Ebbers when you need him, to help you spirit away other people’s hard-earned money on a lunatic deal, for your personal gain…oh, that’s right: indisposed at the Feds’ leisure. What a brazen con it’s all been, the theft of the century. Structural, fiscal crooks the lot, from Keating onwards. Banana republic rules, is it? Fine: tax the greedy bastards’ dotage stockpiles at 80% until our national books balance again.

  9. Dog's Breakfast

    “This is where 25 years of privatisation and deregulation have got us. The measures were meant to give us the self-regulating maximal efficiency, the invisible hand. The invisible hand is giving Turnbull an extended prostate exam by now, and the paradox is obvious: ”

    Worth the price of admission, just that paragraph.

    No Guy, the biggest issue, the greatest tragedy, is how the MSM have painted all this as a win for Turnbull, and how he and Frydenberg have wedged Labor. No, really!

    “The beginnings of post-capitalism are starting to intrude — pushing in from the future — on late capitalism, whose one-dimensional model of success no longer serves our needs.”

    Ah yes, I’m both loving it, and just being gobsmacked at how the screaming banshees of neoliberalism are clutching at anything as they circle the drain, hopefully for the last time.

    “The last to twig seem to be the left neoliberals” – hmm, yes, an article by Michael Keating on John Menadue’s website, claiming that tech change was to blame for inequality and that neoliberal policies had nothing to do with it.

  10. Nudiefish

    I don’t know what to think about any of this. Politics is one long LSD trip nowadays.

    Malcolm Turnbull turning into a later day Ben Chifley by nationalising power companies would be a sight to see. It didn’t work out so well for Ben.

    1. AR

      Fortunately there are no Silver Tongued Mings in the tory wings – plenty of Brown Tongues though.

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