Sep 13, 2017

Think Scott Morrison is a good treasurer? Here are 40 reasons you are wrong

Suddenly everyone seems to have forgot to hate Scott Morrison, with his polling numbers surprisingly good. Here are 40 reasons his treasurership has been a shambles.

Alan Austin — Freelance journalist

Alan Austin

Freelance journalist

Monday’s bizarre Fairfax-Ipsos poll suggests most voters think the Coalition runs the economy better than Labor. It claims Scott Morrison’s approval as Treasurer is 42%, against his disapproval of just 38%. That, according to Fairfax, is “a vast improvement over Joe Hockey's position … when his disapproval exceeded his approval by 25 percentage points".

There are two responses to this. The first is to recall all the evidence that Australian opinion polls are rigged. Clive Palmer memorably admitted paying pollsters for the results the Liberal Party wanted when he was a state director.

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24 thoughts on “Think Scott Morrison is a good treasurer? Here are 40 reasons you are wrong

  1. Michael

    Sure Alan, you make some compelling points. And they would mean something if we didn’t know that things would be much worse under a Labor/Greens government.
    Cheers, M

    1. Longfulan

      Michael…did you read the article? Did you note any of the evidence supplied? That i.e. evidence of coalition economic incompetence? So how would things be worse under Labor? Oh, I see…..alternative facts.

    2. Dog's Breakfast

      Of course you can’t argue with that. It’s true because it’s true because I said so!

    3. billie

      Statistics say “Life was better under Labor!”

    4. AR

      wha… serious or delirious? Micky taken.

  2. graybul

    Given the big picture debate about mainstream media’s struggle to survive is it any wonder Alan, why anyone even cares anymore? Having skimmed your list . . . it is crystal clear “Big Media” is no longer a credible journalistic source worthy of trust. One may hope that labor will accept responsibility to read your “facts” into Hansard at the earliest possible opportunity. The existence of CRIKEY again proved value for money.

    1. billie

      You average economist who remembers their macro conomics knows this government is rubbish and that most journalists breathlessly report the goings on in Canberra like a breathless tennis match, rather than undertaking a modicum of economic analysis.
      Slomo evidently studied Economics at Sydney University – you wonder what the hell they teach there

      1. AR

        Most journos. are functionally innumerate. Oddly, even, or especially, the financial ones.

      2. brian crooks

        billie, slomo did`nt study economics at sydney uni or any uni, he has no economic degrees, none, thats why the economy is in such a mess, he`s treasurer as a reward for helping turnbull kill of abbott, no other reason, the planes flying with a pilot who has`nt got a licence so reach for your parachute

  3. klewso

    Mind you this “everything’s rosy or Labor’s fault” persepective of Slomo’s has come from the same fevered, delusional mind that has “observed and analysed”, giving us “This Labor Party is the most, the most, left-wing Labor Party in a generation!” – only a couple of weeks ago.

  4. Dog's Breakfast

    Perversely, given where the MSM is these days, we will be better off when News Ltd and all their daily rant sheets, as well as the SMH and the Age, are finally bundled off to bankruptcy. Speaking truth to power! Wasn’t that part of the raison d’etre for the 4th estate.
    I suspect that won’t happen while Rupert is still alive (at least for News Corp publications) but the SMH and Age must be close to tanking by now. I barely get enough paper to wrap the scraps in these days.

    Facts, damn facts, be done with them.

  5. Rohan Wood

    I am filled with apoplectic rage, but now I realise, what can I do? I’m at a total loss as to how Governments peddle myths and so convincingly hoodwink society into believing all their BS? I personally feel utterly powerless as an individual to hold Governments (of any persuasion) to account. This current Government has pretty much bungled everything they’ve set out to do, yet such few media outlets ever interrogate ministers on the voracity of these politicians claims. We have an energy crisis, a changing climate, wage stagflation, rampant corporate corruption, gaping holes in taxation, unsustainable population growth with no commensurate infrastructure to support it, a hideously inadequate NBN, erosion of our civic institutions, the list goes on and on. It is impossible for ScoMO to open his mouth without some whipped up spray of confected outrage at how everything is Labour’s fault. I used to be passionate about Australian politics. Now I’m utterly apathetic. How is anyone to change the politics of this Nation?

    1. John Homan

      Dear Rohan,
      Do not succumb to ‘learnt helplessness’. You do have power. Your power is in the credible and trusting relationships you have in the community. You influence them every time you see them, ask them RUOK, and have a conversation with them. You can influence the political outcomes well beyond your individual vote.
      Go for it!

  6. billie

    Great to see that Alan Austin is writing about Australia’s economic performance for Crikey and telling it like it is

  7. Bill Hilliger

    Despite the issues of the above items, the Australian voting sheeples will vote against their own best interest as long as the LNP comes up with a nifty slogan come next election. Da Labor Party fault, da Labor Party did it, Beel Shortin bad, unions bad, union thugs, industry super funds bad. LNP good, axe the tax, superior NBN the sheeples will buy it, haw, haw, haw.

  8. Susan Anderson

    Fairfax Ipsos polls say anything the Fairfax top brass want them to say and currently they are trying to save this moribund so called government, they must have given up on Trumble and figure that Treasurer Scum is a better choice than Mr Potatoe Head over at the Immigration Stasi

  9. AR

    Thanks, another screed to keep in my just in case events conspire to dump such fun with facts’n’figures disappears down the Memory Hole.
    Beautifully laid out too, dense but cogent.

  10. Graham R

    One of the reasons I maintain a Crikey subscription is for articles like this. Dense with facts and memory, if reveals just how appalling are the MSM – especially the M.I.A. A.B.C.

    Have we ever heard an interview with an LNP pollie that told us what the national debt now is? That told us any of these facts? The MSM appears to exist in a frothy vacuum of froth, frothing and gibbering away about the fascinations of froth, saying nothing of import.

    1. klewso

      Like that ABC Sales pitch? Monday night the UNs Christiana Figueres, with her analysis of where we’re going and why : last night Sales’ indulgence of Joyce – staking us in this shit-hole of (donor) coal subsidies?
      …… If only he was Labor politician – then we’d get the third degree he’s owed?

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