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Sep 12, 2017

Statue Haters Past & Present: a poem for Andrew Bolt

Poet John Kinsella has written a poem especially for Andrew Bolt.

So, the right-wing newspaper columnist

calls out the ‘statue haters’ — those

who sign off on The Age of Exploration.


These statues are as innocent as history.

For him, they are factual whereas

the Stolen Generations are a construction.


O, the legacies of the printer’s hellbox.

Contraindicative, we see the fusing

of ‘refugees and terrorism’, we hear


the denial of compensation for the brutalities

of Manus Island. The Columnist — point blank —

prefers statues over refugees, over Aboriginal


peoples’ rights to their own country.

But the statues have aged with the climate —

changing, that is. Transforming. Assimilating?


His readers might deny that also. The script

of the navigator — observe what is useful

to your patrons. Sink all rivals’ boats.


And statues. Keep the sea-lanes open

to The Crown, your protector — don’t sail

over the edge of the world, but brave it out.


The statues aren’t white, not usually,

which is a flaw in the choice of materials —

in the casting. ‘Statue haters’ should paint


over statues with white paint only, white

as pigeon shit — bring out their essence,

the truth.

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3 thoughts on “Statue Haters Past & Present: a poem for Andrew Bolt

  1. leon knight

    Nice poem, but a wasted effort on the Dolt, like teaching pigs to sing….

  2. Venise Alstergren

    You don’t seriously believe Bolt will read this do you? He will just say you’re another socialist/communist/whatever trouble maker. Anyway the poem is too good for him.

  3. AR

    At least the pigeons tried to make them white.

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