Today in Media Files, ABC radio went for some cheap clicks yesterday by posting a talkback call that suggested Hitler had done a good thing by sending gay people to concentration camps.

ABC goes for online clicks with Hitler caller. The ABC went for some cheap clicks yesterday by clipping and posting a talkback call that said Hitler had done a "good thing" by putting homosexual people in concentration camps, before later deleting it. A caller named "Don" on Jon Faine's morning program in Melbourne yesterday said, "Hitler had put all those kind of people in their own concentration camp. It's one of the two good things he did." Faine was taking callers on the marriage equality survey with a guest, Victorian equal opportunity commissioner Kristen Hilton. After clarifying what the caller was saying (and repeating it), Faine said, "When people invoke Nazism for or against an argument, you pretty much know you've lost," and ended the call.