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Sep 12, 2017

‘A cautionary tale’: Cambodian government kills dissenting press

Perhaps Cambodia will have a free and open society again someday, but not under the current government. Freelance journalist Mark Tilly reports on the increasingly autocratic dictatorship of Hun Sen.

There was a surreal quality to the day The Cambodia Daily published its final edition.

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2 thoughts on “‘A cautionary tale’: Cambodian government kills dissenting press

  1. Rais

    Nobody who wishes Cambodia well could wish an honest non-government publication closed but having lived for several years in Indonesia and two years in Thailand I’m aware of the miniscule readership of English language publications in those countries. They are mostly read by expats and lazy foreign journalists who don’t know the local language and like to quote these publications as “influential.” The article quotes a low circulation figure for the “Daily” which would probably be mostly these expats and journalists. That doesn’t justify closing it but it probably won’t have much impact inside the country.

  2. AR

    A novel concept indeed – charging a foreign owned newspaper tax and not being supported for such generosity.