Sep 11, 2017

Beer and baby boon: Malcolm Turnbull comes out on top

In a vicious cycle of outrage, Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull winds up looking relatable in a picture of himself nursing a beer and a baby at the footy.

Emily Watkins — Media reporter

Emily Watkins

Media reporter

In a vicious cycle of outrage over the weekend, Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has wound up looking pretty relatable after posting a picture of himself drinking a beer while cuddling his granddaughter at the footy.

On Saturday evening, after the Sydney Swans beat Essendon in Sydney, Turnbull posted the picture on social media. Just a couple of hours later, Daily Mail Australia had published a story about the "outrage" the photo generated, and quoted three (just three) Facebook commenters who weren't happy with the PM drinking booze while nursing a baby.

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11 thoughts on “Beer and baby boon: Malcolm Turnbull comes out on top

  1. Srs21

    What? Was my comment too harsh?

  2. Dog's Breakfast

    Lord have mercy. We have definitely entered the twilight zone, lucky we have Breitbart and the Daily Telegraph to set us straight.

  3. klewso

    I can’t imagine what goes through some people’s minds – beside the prevailing breeze.

    1. klewso

      A sympathy vote is as good as a conviction.

  4. AR

    From the angle of the yellow liquid in the glass it looks more like he’s nodded off due to sheer boredom – we all know what a fan he is of sport.

  5. Wallywonga

    No way the initial “outrage” wasn’t an intentional Brietbart type political act, surely?
    And confirmed subsequently by those family lovin’ friendly local righties, jumping to MT’s defence. The photographer was sensible enough to keep MT looking down, so we ca’t see the smirk.

  6. John Hall

    This may have been a brilliant bit of Liberal advertising. It has giving Turnball the common touch and humanised him. If the whiners who complained about it are genuine they must be truly rueful now.

  7. Itsarort

    Perhaps we could have a postal vote determining the legality of drinking a flat mid-strength beer whilst holding a baby.

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