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Sep 8, 2017

Why aren’t we talking about The Queen and Zak Grieve?

Dan Box excels in this commendable documentary from The Australian.

Why is nobody talking about The Queen and Zak Grieve? The Australian’s excellent six-part short-form documentary series, made in collaboration with Screen Australia, has barely registered a blip on the social media radar since premiering a couple of weeks ago, and is the subject of barely any news articles not published by the newspaper itself.

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4 thoughts on “Why aren’t we talking about The Queen and Zak Grieve?

  1. Bert Morris

    Didn’t I read this week that Dan Box has gone home to the UK? Something about him not being welcome in Australia?

  2. Phen

    Do you need to be a subscriber to the Australian to watch it (link in article takes me to paywall site)? May wait til its on Foxtel if that’s the case.


      The entire series is unlocked and free to watch on the Australian website. There’s lots of background reading, extended interviews and timelines also free and some exclusive subscriber only material.

  3. Dog's Breakfast

    Lack of access to it might be an issue Luke. Thanks for the review though, one of many injustices in regional Australia against a convenient indigenous person to solve a crime.