Northern Territory

Sep 8, 2017

How the ‘dysfunctional’ Country Liberal Party lost the Northern Territory

It's a long, slow march back to power for the CLP.

Bob Gosford — Editor of The Northern Myth

Bob Gosford

Editor of The Northern Myth

Former Northern Territory Chief Minister Adam Giles concedes defeat in the 2016 state election.

Top of the reading list for delegates at this weekend’s central council meeting of the Northern Territory’s Country Liberal Party will be the excoriating review -- prepared by former federal Liberal Party director Brian Loughnane and former federal Nationals director Scott Mitchell -- of the CLP’s abject failure at the 2016 NT election.

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4 thoughts on “How the ‘dysfunctional’ Country Liberal Party lost the Northern Territory

  1. graybul

    Whatever the right or wrongs that led the Party to being so deservedly “snotted” . . . it is overtime to re-engage with the electorate at large. These are increasingly unpredictable times and Territorians deserve/need, a far better deal/governance, no matter which ideology reigns.

    Whilst neither a member/supporter. I believe in good governance and am not too fussed so long as that is the end result. It may be a long and painful road back for CLP; but more so for the Territory. So, sans invitation here’s a few priorities from someone ‘outside the tent.’

    1 CLP should identify at least three individuals possessive of genuine leadership potential i.e. Chief Ministerial. If three can’t be found; don’t grasp for power.
    2 Ensure professional mentoring of prospective candidates is available.
    3 Ensure said candidates closely engage with all prospective Ministerial hopefuls.
    4 Ensure the administrative wing cultivates competency, vision and unity at every step.

  2. Pedantic, Balwyn

    Anyone watching Adam Giles on Fox News programs would rapidly come to the conclusion that the guy is all over the place; his arguments lack coherence and invariably lack any purpose that would serve the better interests of his “former” electorate. Not sure how Loughnane and Mitchell can have any faith in the CLP recovering whilst Giles and kindred spirits remain in the Party.

  3. klewso

    The CLP ‘Last Chance Salon’?

  4. Bob the builder

    The CLP will always have a future in the NT as long as there is a rump of racists in the urban centres. Even in Katherine, which they lost for the first time ever, they still got a decent primary vote, despite a former prominent member standing as an independent, widespread concern about fracking from across the political spectrum and the sitting Member having committed a range of sins in his personal, financial and political life. With all that, Labor only just squeezed in and I’d be surprised if they’re re-elected, no matter how good the local Member is.

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