This whole gay marriage debate is turning really ugly. We’ve seen a medical practitioner have her licence to practice threatened by Yes extremists. But apart from this and other similar incidents, the strength is really with the No side. Those wishing to establish the Kingdom of Heaven are firmly in the No camp. They have the benefit of hundreds of years of common law and a shared definition of marriage going back thousands of years.

For God’s LGBTI children and their supporters, these facts make this debate that much harder. It also means the Yes crowd must make room for believers in their campaign if they are to represent all the colours of the rainbow. If the Yes crowd become a de facto and exclusive gathering place for non-believers, it may lead to a whole heap of potential Yes voters throwing their voting papers in the bin before heading off to Church, Shul, Mosque, Gurudwara, etc, where they will likely be told by the leaders of their faith that gay marriage is an abomination.