Sep 7, 2017

The Yes camp’s hostility to religion is losing them votes

The Yes crowd must make room for believers in their campaign if they are to represent all the colours of the rainbow.

Irfan Yusuf — Lawyer, author and commentator

Irfan Yusuf

Lawyer, author and commentator

This whole gay marriage debate is turning really ugly. We’ve seen a medical practitioner have her licence to practice threatened by Yes extremists. But apart from this and other similar incidents, the strength is really with the No side. Those wishing to establish the Kingdom of Heaven are firmly in the No camp. They have the benefit of hundreds of years of common law and a shared definition of marriage going back thousands of years.

For God’s LGBTI children and their supporters, these facts make this debate that much harder. It also means the Yes crowd must make room for believers in their campaign if they are to represent all the colours of the rainbow. If the Yes crowd become a de facto and exclusive gathering place for non-believers, it may lead to a whole heap of potential Yes voters throwing their voting papers in the bin before heading off to Church, Shul, Mosque, Gurudwara, etc, where they will likely be told by the leaders of their faith that gay marriage is an abomination.

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17 thoughts on “The Yes camp’s hostility to religion is losing them votes

  1. lykurgus

    Yusuf, we have Andrew Bolt for columns like this

  2. Lee Tinson

    Yusuf, aren’t you talking about a miniscule minority of YES campaigners? And do you really believe that the “believers” would change their vote (or not vote) because someone expresses contempt for their church? I’m not saying you’re wrong in theory, but once again, surely a tiny minority?

    As for the National Sikh Council of Australia, well that comment is classic GIGO. Adam and eve are just characters some undocumented, unreviewed author made up in a work of fiction.

  3. shea mcduff

    From this article:
    “We’ve seen a medical practitioner have her licence to practice threatened by Yes extremists.”
    Note the use of the last word -“extremists”.
    Here is another article that deals with the practice, gay conversion therapy, that person is advocating.
    From that article:
    “The Australian Psychological Association, the Australian Medical Association, and the United Nations have condemned gay conversion therapy as harmful and ineffective. There’s evidence of higher rates of depression and suicidal thoughts among people who have gone through the treatment.”
    Note the 3 organizations referred to above.

    1. lykurgus

      You mean Pansy Lai? Yep, found it right here (first result from Googling Pansy Lai gay conversion)…
      Almost a week before Yusuf filed… not even Peter “torture is acceptable” Faris was this sloppy.

    2. Sally Goldner

      Spot on Shea.
      The medical practitioner is in breach of her responsibilities to support AMA policies.
      Responsibility – the forgotten word in this age of misuse of the word freedom to mean “do and say whatever one wants without any consequences.”

  4. Nudiefish

    The religious right have their mind on the subject locked up tight. The only argument they seem to have, in reality, is that their deity doesn’t allow it. So, if reason can’t prevail, why show their argument any due respect?

    I’m not talking hostility, just ignore them. Their votes are already lost, my friend.

  5. MJM

    I read somewhere this morning a comment to the effect that what is being said from the pulpit is not being reflected in the pews. It probably resonated with me because of my own experience. Every one of my family and friends who are regular church goers, all Christian and mostly Catholics, say they intend to vote yes in the postal survey. This seems to be because they recognise gays and lesbians within their own extended families and see no reason for denying these people the same benefits as they have had.

  6. Irfan Yusuf

    “The Yes crowd must make room for believers in their campaign if they are to represent all the colours of the rainbow.”

    1. lykurgus

      Spare us your shibboleths

  7. klewso

    There are votes in martyrdom. It takes a special kind of fidiot to undermine their own side by making victims of their opposition.
    Look no further for such a reaction than right-winged warrior Tom Switzer, on 7:30 the other night. He says he’s “going to vote Yes : unless the vilification of the Yes got too bad” – if that happened he’d throw his lot in with “The Angels of No” too…… Apparently “they don’t do things like that(?)”?
    It could almost be worth a bit of DIY scourging – if it would get your case over the line? But who’d do that?

  8. Charlie Chaplin

    One really fast way for people of faith to be included in the “yes” campaign would be for them to put themselves forward, like this:


    I know there are others like Father Frank out there, right across the faith spectrum. Surely they are in a better position to reassure people of faith than the rest of the “yes” campaigners?

    The only “yes” thing I’ve seen for broad, public consumption was the TV ad in response to the “no” one and it didn’t mention religion at all from memory. I’m not saying there isn’t some nasty “yes” stuff going around -I’d be surprised if there isn’t – but is it targeted at the ordinary, cafeteria person of faith or even reaching them?

  9. Will

    And welcome back to the ‘Yusuf the Useful Idiot’ show. His specialty is parsing liberal pluralism ironically to make space for intolerant fundamentalist Islamism in the public sphere! Today he’s talking about SSM. And what a multi-religious shit-storm it is. Yusuf?
    “Khalas.” And that’s a wrap! And signing off now, as always, with a special hello from our man of the hour to Hizb ut-Tahrir!

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