On Joe Bullock and the No campaign

Cara MacNish writes:  Re. “The former Labor minister helping the No campaign” (Tuesday)

The National Civic Council’s News Weekly reportedly states that “Once enacted into law, transgender “marriage” cannot be treated “less favourably” than heterosexual marriage” (my emphasis).

Fact checker: All gender diverse individuals can already legally marry. Or not. Depending on who they happen to fancy. Or not. Same as all of us. 

On Turnbull and citizenship

James O’Neill writes: Re. “Turnbull suckered by Abbott on citizenship. Shorten wins. Sigh.” (Tuesday)
Malcolm Turnbull’s rhetoric about keeping Australia safe would have more resonance if: 

(a) it wasn’t being done as an American lapdog;
(b) it wasn’t done at the expense of a further erosion of what few liberties we actually have; and
(c) it didn’t actually increase the very real risk that we become a prime target ourselves in the process.