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Sep 6, 2017

Arts sector pulls out the big guns to fight the culture war

A new arts lobby group will crunch cultural spending by federal electorate, and use focus groups to hone a pro-culture message, reports Ben Eltham. But will it work?

Ben Eltham — <em>Crikey</em> arts commentator

Ben Eltham

Crikey arts commentator

As Crikey reported last year, the arts sector is set to get a new lobby group. Thanks to a joint funding package by wealthy philanthropists at the Myer, Fairfax and Keir Foundations, $1.6 million will be spent setting up “A New Approach” program to promote the value of culture in Australian life.

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2 thoughts on “Arts sector pulls out the big guns to fight the culture war

  1. CP

    The Academy is an excellent organisation that does very good work, but it’s been more than 10 years since it had any real impact on public policy. I’m sure the new organisation will produce some excellent research, but I seriously doubt whether it will have the clout or expertise to advocate effectively to politicians. I hope I’m wrong. It would be a terrible shame for such a good initiative to fall short.

  2. AR

    Wasn’t Newgate a hell-hole into which people disappeared, only emerging, if at all,to be executed?
    Sounds appropriate.
    Artz wiff a flow chart – yeh, that’ll work.
    If’n yer not starving in a garret, it ain’t art.