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Sep 4, 2017

Australia continues rich and time-honoured tradition of swindling East Timor

Australia's treatment of East Timor has always been exploitative. Under the Turnbull government, nothing has changed.

Professor Damien Kingsbury

Crikey international affairs commentator

Australia’s agreement with East Timor to settle a permanent maritime boundary in the Timor Sea appears to bring to an end a long-running and often bitter dispute, which has marred relations between the two countries. Indeed, with this deal, Australia has again bullied its tiny near neighbor into acquiescing to a deal that is less than what East Timor believed it was entitled to.

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2 thoughts on “Australia continues rich and time-honoured tradition of swindling East Timor

  1. Rais

    I’ve always detested Downer for what he did to Timor-Leste, especially after having seen for myself, by visiting there, how needy the country is. Hard to be proud of Australia at the moment.

  2. AR

    Any price on bumBoilShlernt replicating Great Gough’s ignoring Timor Leste’s plight?
    How ironic that it was Rattus Mendacious who proved to be the liberator of that tiny abused, abandoned & brutalised segment of humanity.