Aug 31, 2017

Just what is the Rule of Law Institute?

Robin Speed of the Rule of Law Institute has called for the resignation of Pauline Wright of the NSW Law Society over her public support of marriage equality. But what even is the Rule of Law Institute?

Sally Whyte — Political reporter

Sally Whyte

Political reporter

The NSW Law Society has been caught up in a stoush with some of its members who are unhappy that it’s taken a public stance in favour of marriage equality, with articles in The Sydney Morning Herald yesterday and The Australian today covering calls for president Pauline Wright to resign over the issue. But just where are the calls coming from? Robin Speed is quoted in both papers, of tax advisory firm Speed and Stracey Lawyers and founder of the Rule of Law Institute, with a letter to Wright saying she had “no right to pretend that you represent the profession on this issue”. The Rule of Law Institute sounds pretty fancy, but what is it?


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3 thoughts on “Just what is the Rule of Law Institute?

  1. Irfan Yusuf

    Bloody lawyers.

  2. Urban Wronski

    Interesting. Makes you wonder whom The Sydney Institute represents apart from Gerard and Anne Henderson and the narrow self-interests of its mining and other wealthy corporate donors.

  3. PDGFD1

    Yeah right… ‘lawyers’ who want personally-held religious beliefs to influence secular law, and discrimination to be contained therein.
    Could we please look into where these people get their degrees… Notre Dame perchance?

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