Aug 30, 2017

Why are ticket scalpers so damn successful?

Crikey has a look at the scalping phenomenon and how secondary ticket markets make their money.

Bhakthi Puvanenthiran — Associate editor

Bhakthi Puvanenthiran

Associate editor

So you want to go to finals football. You google "preliminary final tickets", click on the top link and put in your credit card details. Unfortunately in 2017, this does not guarantee much.

The ticket you bought might have been sold twice, cancelled by the venue, or you might have paid a significant premium without realising.

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7 thoughts on “Why are ticket scalpers so damn successful?

  1. The Curmudgeon

    A fairly incomplete article, to say the least. The Victorian government has banned scalping of grand final tickets, raising the question of why it didn’t do it for all finals. It is also the case that for many on the right, scalping is capitalism as it should be.

  2. Kevin_T

    Crikey has a very odd attitude to market forces and the free market.

    Net piracy if the owner of the copyright either delays distribution to an area of the market or if the copyright owner sells the product for more than consumers want to pay. Rent seekers and related free loaders are evil because they don’t make enough profit to keep their businesses etc viable. Protectionists are evil because they don’t want global market forces to dictate how the market works. Ticket resellers are evil because they have developed a business model and tools that allow them to make a profit.


    1. Kevin_T

      Whoops, that should have been “Net Piracy is okay if…”

    2. Raaraa

      I’m all for competition and alternative distributors of tickets but letting sellers who claim to be “official sellers” and even selling non-admissible tickets is just a downright con.

  3. TomM

    The other alternative to scalpers is to increase the price of tickets in the first place.

  4. AR

    Gotta lurve that there ole free market, capitalism red in tooth & claw.
    Seller rarely force buyers to part with cash, there is the element of choice to say no.
    Even works with smack dealers and theirs is generally thought to be a captive clientele.

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