Aug 29, 2017

Government cynically seeks asylum from the judiciary when it comes to refugees

The government's recent announcement that the few asylum seekers on Australian soil will have their support cut off seems needlessly cruel. But it is actually part of a considered plan to avoid judicial responsibility.

Michael Bradley — Managing partner at Marque Lawyers

Michael Bradley

Managing partner at Marque Lawyers

Assume for a moment that Peter Dutton, the Minister for Immigration and Border Protection, is not a cruel and heartless man who derives pleasure from persecuting the unfortunate. Assume also that the Turnbull government is not so morally debased that its cabinet would sit around discussing what new torture it might inflict on boat people purely as a tactic of distraction, a morsel of red meat for the Murdoch press and shock jocks to noisily chew.


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22 thoughts on “Government cynically seeks asylum from the judiciary when it comes to refugees

  1. Lord Muck

    The same routine as for Save The Children and for their ex-staff. It wouldn’t matter quite so much if they were not purportedly doing this on our behalf. Why does a sovereign state need to settle out of court with anyone; what are they hiding?

  2. Byron

    The Legal profession should not be at all surprised that J Edgar Tuber regards their conduct in upholding the rule of law as ‘unAustralian’; he was after all a member of the Queensland pleece before being having his collar felt for higher (sic) honours. Yet another indication that he and his ilk no longer regard the rest of us as citizens rather subjects.

  3. Decorum

    Krudd might argue with this: “[t]he Coalition’s sole unarguable policy achievement after five years in power is that it stopped the boats.” More accurately, perhaps, “[t]he Coalition’s sole unarguable policy achievement after five years in power is that the boats stopped whilst it was in office.”

    And on NZ as a possible destination for the Manus/Nauru prisoners, now more than ever we cannot deal with the Kiwis because of their part in the international conspiracy to undermine the Australian government, as rumbled by Julie “Nancy Drew” Bishop.

  4. Draco Houston

    “if Dutton is actually human and there’s something going on in the prime ministerial brain beyond his minute-to-minute survival”

    Then you go on to say that it is rational because the government is concerned about their minute to minute survival. Thinking Emoji Face

  5. Rais

    Go them Michael! You know now that they’re scared of the law.

  6. John Hall

    Dutton is giving Police a bad name. Has anyone tried to dig up what he was like as a policeman in Queensland?

    1. zut alors

      In his defence: he couldn’t have been too rotten otherwise he would’ve ended up as Assistant Commissioner.

  7. klewso

    They can’t deport them legally (when they need their next distraction), so they want to starve them out?

  8. zut alors

    We are yet to hear a cogent reason why none of our refugees are permitted to be settled in New Zealand.

    1. Barbara Haan

      “Cogent” and the LNP mix together like oil and water.

    2. cyberfysh

      Not exactly cogent, but probably because it’s easy for NZ citizens to come and live in Australia.

    3. Marilyn J Shepherd

      We are yet to know why we think we own people and can dictate whether or not they go to New Zealand.

  9. Venise Alstergren

    I’m puzzled. How does the Australian government get to dictate to the New Zealand government???

    Perhaps some of those dual citizens could exercise their New Zealand rights to do something good in the political world?

  10. zut alors

    At last a flicker of mercy: the Anglican Dean of Brisbane, Peter Catt, has announced that nine Christian denominations are offering sanctuary to these about-to-be destitute refugees.

    1. BGas

      Memo to Lyle Shelton – this is what real Christians look like.

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