Is the government's new "tough on asylum seekers" announcement about targeting bludgers getting an easy ride in Australia? Is it a cruel move targeting babies and pregnant women? Or is it about avoiding court cases? As always with Australia's asylum seeker policy, today's announcement is high on rhetoric, emotion and hyperbole, and light on detail. So let's work out what we know.

The government is trying a new "tough on boat people" announcement, with income support and housing to be cut off to asylum seekers living in Australia, in an attempt to force them back to Manus Island or Nauru, or their country of origin. The Daily Telegraph quotes Immigration Minister Peter Dutton saying "the con is up," while human rights groups have slammed the move, which they have labelled "cruel". So what is the government's aim here? Are asylum seekers getting more in benefits than other pensioners? And why are they in Australia in the first place?