It was a dark and lightly chilly evening at the University of Sydney last night. Though the bright lights and ducted heating were certainly working at the Holme Building, scene of an impending chinwag between former Sydney Law School Dean and Human Rights Tsar Gillian Triggs and Labor Senator and freshly minted author Sam Dastyari. The trigger for this event was the publication of Sam’s halal-certified memoir. But everyone expected much more would be revealed as the night progressed.

At the entrance, I was immediately accosted by an enthusiastic young man of Daily Mail reporter appearance who told me and anyone within a very broad earshot that I was a famous person. He then proved how much he knew about me by rattling off some names from my past centuries as an amateur politician, before latching onto the senator and following him into the drinks room where a host of blokes in suits (including a former Young Liberal bloke I recognised) were standing around looking important.