ABC News journalist Chris Uhlmann

Chris Uhlmann strikes again. The ABC's political editor, who warned us that a bunch of eggheads known as the "Frankfurt School" had ruined fine upstanding Western culture with their virus of critical notions, and Greenie-backed wind farms had destroyed the energy security that Judeo-Christian coal mines had given us, has come out swinging in favour of ASIS chief Nick Warner. Warner, a public servant, is getting criticism for showing clear support for Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte, a leader who has endorsed extrajudicial killing on a mass scale. Allegedly directed at drug dealers, Duterte's vigilante wave has left at least 7000 dead, many of them wholly innocent people targeted for retribution, gang warfare, or theft, with the drug dealer crackdown used as cover. It's not for a head of ASIS to be seen endorsing any leader, but especially a thuggish one such as this.

Uhlmann's defence is everything we've come to expect from this Christian happy-clappy and ex-trainee priest -- sentimentalist and engorged with fantasy. He presents an earlier Warner operation -- part of our military/police operation in the Solomons -- as an unquestioned success, when many have seen it as stoking the very tensions it was allegedly sent in to assist in quelling. It gets worse. In defending co-operation with Duterte, mentions some scene in 1992, in Cambodia in 1992, when he saw a CIA station chief and a Khmer Rouge officer breaking bread together. Here's how Uhlmann puts it: