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Aug 18, 2017

Barcelona attack: La Rambla vulnerable as public attraction

The La Rambla attack in Barcelona tragically shows the adaptive capabilities of terrorists.

A wide, tree-lined street with a large central walk running between Barcelona’s Placa de Catalunya and the Cristopher Columbus statue at Port Vell, La Rambla divides Barcelona’s wonderfully preserved Gothic Quarter from the somewhat seedier El Raval. On summer evenings it is packed with crowds of tourists and those who cater to them, making it a perfect terrorist target.

La Rambla was particularly vulnerable to the type of a low-tech attack by vehicle that has become almost common in Europe. In this attack at least 15 people were killed, with more than 80, including three Australians, injured when a white van ploughed through the evening crowd.

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6 thoughts on “Barcelona attack: La Rambla vulnerable as public attraction

  1. Bill Hilliger

    And what do Iraqis and Afghans have to say about this terrible act? Meh it happens in our countries all the time. Not much in the western media about ever.

    1. Marilyn J Shepherd

      Indeed, most western media ignored that 347 civilians were murdered by the US coalition in Raqqa last month.

      1. Bill Hilliger

        And the ongoing genocide in Yemen is ignored by the western media. The model democracy of Saudi Arabia is doing the genocide work on behalf of the main armaments suppliers the UK and the US. Rumour has is that Saudi Arabian legislators will soon legislate a law that recognises Saudi women as human beings.

  2. Marilyn J Shepherd

    I get so sick of this same bleating hypocrisy everytime something happens a world away. People are killed in their millions on the roads around the world every year, in Melbourne this year a non-muslim man ran over 34 people and is not called a terrorist, gets to plead mental health issues and is quietly forgotten about.

    Over 80 people were murdered in one building due to corporate greed and neglect, that is not called terrorism but it killed more people in an hour than all the so called car terrorist attacks have ever.

    And we are slaughtering thousands of innocent civilians in three nations who believe, rightly so, that we are the frigging global terrorists.

    1. Bill Hilliger

      Marilyn you have to have a middle eastern name (even if you’re not a Muslim) before its deemed as terrorism. Otherwise its just another crime. London Bridge started as an act of terrorism the name of the perpetrator wasn’t middle eastern story quickly faded and was finally just deemed a crime.

  3. AR

    It is yet another example of “they hate us for our freedoms” when we accept that “In the West, all open spaces must now be considered as vulnerable“.
    There are no such open spaces in most of the world where men, women & children can mingle freely and without fear.
    So let’s batten down the hatches, put up the bollards and hide rather than acknowledge why this is so.

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