Aug 15, 2017

Religious zealots (like Abbott) who oppose same-sex marriage are trying to impose sharia law

Australians seem to be perpetually scared of the potential imposition of sharia law, of losing the freedom to live as they desire. But is not our denial of same-sex marriage exactly that?

Irfan Yusuf — Lawyer, author and commentator

Irfan Yusuf

Lawyer, author and commentator

Can you believe it? We Australians are about to vote on the issue of religious freedom. No, I don’t mean legislation to ban the vilification of all faiths (except when it comes to terrorists). Heck, even the Mussies have a problem with that. I mean freedom to vilify people -- of all faiths and none in particular -- who like to do stuff in the privacy of their bedrooms that the Biblical and Koranic prophet Lot cursed when it was done out on the streets.

Same-sex marriage has nothing to do with human rights or righting the wrongs of the Abrahamic mobs. It really is about ensuring people who find gay people abhorrent don’t have to bake wedding cakes for them. It’s about fighting the good fight against conspiracies by the homosexual lobby. It’s about reclaiming the last bastion of religious power that all conservatives (apart from people like the member for Goldstein) wish to preserve.

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4 thoughts on “Religious zealots (like Abbott) who oppose same-sex marriage are trying to impose sharia law

  1. Whodathunkit

    Religion, the eternal refuge of the vile, nasty, bottom feeding scum.

    1. MAC TEZ

      Plenty of well meaning folk are drawn to religion but by it’s very nature the vile and nasty can certainly find safe haven within religion.

  2. mikeb

    Various religions might have an opinion but marriage is a civil institution and not a religious one.

  3. AR

    I might feel sorry for people suffering religious delusions if they didn’t try to inflict their mania on children or the public sphere.
    Freedom from religion should be the next public discussion, along with the removal of tax exemptions & subsidies.
    The Marriage Act is legislation regarding primarily inheritance. Religious ceremonies are no different to football codes which, apparently, interest some people.
    I oppose SSM for the same reason that I oppose female priests – both seek to perpetuate a deleterious idea.

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