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Aug 14, 2017

News Corp’s print figures looking more like obituary

With the release of News Corp's financial figures it is becoming clear that in print news is on the decline. How long can it last subsidised by the digital real estate arm of the corporation?

There is something about News Corp’s just-released figures for the financial year that feels like the end of an era — the end of the print era in Australian news.

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2 thoughts on “News Corp’s print figures looking more like obituary

  1. Geoff Davies

    Only a journalist or a billionaire could say News Corp’s print survival has been ‘great for journalism in general, and for Australia in particular’.
    The News papers are propaganda rags, not quality newspapers, and News is arguably the most regressive and damaging political and social force in Australia. The slide of Australia into paranoia and a police state will be their epitaph.